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Hi. Glad that u r getting better. You are only 24 and still have lots of golfing to do :) happy that u r playing again. There was an old man near my place who had the same problem. Had a stroke or something and couldn't move his left arm as fast as his right. He ended up slowing his swing speed to match the speed of his left arm. So his swings are slower but still hitting far. Not sure what he did, but I'm sure you will get your game back. :)
ya, i got ya.What i meant was, im the type thats like "Oh, someone will buy my stuff..take it!!" Lol
Not much is better than nothing. I have an old set that's not worth much ad well. But decided to keep it. Going to regrip it and keep it as a practice set for whoever.
Speaking of razr x, how's the 2012 razr x in your opinion? Good for a beginner? Am looking for an iron set.. But i want something that's a few seasons old.
I'm a beginner. Started playing with some hand me downs. Thing is with hand me downs, they club face is worked out. I'm looking for a set of irons to learn with n use for the next few years however, price is also a factor. Wouldn't want to buy a good brand clubs n decide not to play a year later. Saw some cleveland hibore xli iron set selling cheap here. Brand new however, after researching, it's like a 5-6 years old model. Chances are old stocks or overstock or...
Hey, then again, in Paris, mens fashion is going towards a more feminine direction. #fashionista
People noticed.. But they noticed the shotgun too. Haha. Just kidding :)
I just started this love hate relationship with golf. So I've only been hitting the range.
Thank. Will try that one.I was like "ok...take away...keep triangle..ok...keep wrist angle...ok...coil up..ok..." lolwill try that out, Abu3baid
It seems that whenever I start to think about my swing during the takeaway (got to get the angle, wrists, swing speed, etc), that swing will b a miss hit. But if I were to do all the thinking before the swing, and then just do it. It will actually be a good one. But it's so hard to keep my mind blank. I do so much thinking. Any trick u guys do to keep a clear mind?
New Posts  All Forums: