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23, I work as a line cook at a local course. No computers at work for me :P
At my local course, developers feel the need to pack every dogleg with houses. Put some netting up, or release the golfers of responsibility; this is what insurance is for. The premium should be picked up by the foolish people who a) decided to build ON a course or particular hole between a tee and a green, or b) the person who decided to buy the house in harms way.   There are also measures to take to increase a house's or yard's protection yet there is but one house on...
Google brought me here! It's been interesting so far! When I lived in Ontario, I maybe hit the course 5-10 times a year; partly due to the weather, partly due to other circumstances. I now work as a cook for a local course, so the golf is a welcomed perk! And the course and scenery is beautiful to boot!   Feel free to give me a shout if anyone's every looking for a high-handicapper partner on the island :P
Hey everyone,   I've recently moved out BC from Ontario. I've been golfing on and off for a few years now (5), but should be hitting the course a little more consistently this year. I'll be making my home course at Crown Isle Resort & GC, but would definitely like to check out a few more courses here on the island. It's nice on the island seeing as they still have had snow back home in Ontario!   I look forward to taking part on the forums and will maybe see some of...
Rory McIlroy  -9 Adam Scott -11 Phil Mickelson -11
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