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Yea you'll mostly have hard time getting it up
so Im going up to visit my sister an hour up the hudson...should i drive out to bethpage on day one on my way up to make the tee time and play on my way home on day 7? or can i just call to make a tee time on day 1. Sorry im not experienced in this sort of thing courses playing hard to get.
ORANGE COUNTY NATIONAL is amazing im biased i love it there. also Metro West. OCN is like my lovechild though i have dreams of her.
It really depends on the grind of your wedge some stock wedges are coming with deep sole grinds these days. It is very important to wedge play and an underrated aspect of equipment these days. I played around with some old wedges getting to a grind i like. I have a very diffrent grind on my 53d than on my 58 because my 58 is my sand wedge and i like the bounce. But opening the face on my 53d acctually degreases the bounce on it due to the grind.
just the range no bigg, should prolly have been practicing putting/chipping anyways :D
I work at a CC just show up look respectable and be ready to kiss butt. At Country Clubs its all about smiling and nodding, maybe a little laugh for good measure. I love pla....errr working there though!
Im cheating and telling my two shot grind for a birdie. I was playing a short par 4 and hit a horrible drive about 200 yards into the left rough, I had a 185 shot with a tree blocking the pin and all but the right-most 5 yards of the green. I hit a 5I draw to pin high but on the fringe and chipped in from 15 ft. NO fairway, NO green in reg, birdie easily never done that before.
shot a +5 76, i was so happy if only I didn't finish bogey, bogey. I one putted 6 in a row though....
i think you dropped these I understand what you said.....just kinda jerky about it.
Make every putt!!! I hit about 70 percent of greens in reg. including about 30 percent of par 5s in 2 so..... making every putt would be awesome and rich.....
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