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I'd probably go for an old 3 iron. like 1980's old
If I were you I'd go get a stock X driver (used taylormade or something) and see how it goes after a few rounds and range sessions.   Don't think you can make good judgments from an in-store monitor.    I would try making smaller and more defined equipment changes until you find your stuff. Of course, the more money and resources you have allow you to try a bunch of changes quicker.
I want to boost my game with adipower boost. Jordan Spieth    -14 Dustin Johnson     -13 Sergio Garcia      -12
Anyone know what DJ gamed in college?
Yes. I hit a z745 4i today and WOW these things are butteryyyy. I was really impressed with the weighting, feel, and trajectory.   I hit one out of the toe and it went as straight as I could ask for. Definitely worth considering.   Just wanted to plug Srixon z745 once more......
If I have a 9 degree state loft head and I adjust it to +1 or 10, how does this differ from a driver that is a 10 degree lofted club head set to normal or +/- 0.   Is there a difference? obviously the effective loft is no different, but I have been led to understand that the two scenarios which I have described above are related to two completely different golf clubs.    Is one more open and one more close? more offset? what?   If anyone has a good handle on this lmk.
Going down to Miami in July, looking for course recommendations. I don't have the funds to play the best courses but I have to play better than the bottom tier(s) type courses. ($50-80 a round?)  Thanks for any suggestions.
Does anyone else find it odd that caddies on tour leave the stick in the cup while the ball is rolling towards it? They decide to pull the pin at almost the last one or two seconds.   It seems to me like its just a style thing, kinda for show. I'm not going to lie, it especially looks cool if the putt rolls in.     But still, I can't help but think to myself, just pull the thing out! This habit seems contrived and vain. 
Hm. I will pay more attention to this. I have been moving the ball back in my stance lately, with the driver, after watching so many pro's tee it up more center than I was.  NOTE: The title on this thread is wrong, I should've written 'vertically' not 'horizontally'.    
I am not hitting out near the toe or the heel.   My problem is that I am hitting the ball high, low, or center on the face.   I think it is happening to some degree with my irons also, but my driver is the clearest indication (because I can see ball marks).        Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?    Again, my impact is centered in terms of left and right on the club face, but it is not centered in terms of top to bottom (i am hitting the...
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