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Going down to Miami in July, looking for course recommendations. I don't have the funds to play the best courses but I have to play better than the bottom tier(s) type courses. ($50-80 a round?)  Thanks for any suggestions.
Does anyone else find it odd that caddies on tour leave the stick in the cup while the ball is rolling towards it? They decide to pull the pin at almost the last one or two seconds.   It seems to me like its just a style thing, kinda for show. I'm not going to lie, it especially looks cool if the putt rolls in.     But still, I can't help but think to myself, just pull the thing out! This habit seems contrived and vain. 
Hm. I will pay more attention to this. I have been moving the ball back in my stance lately, with the driver, after watching so many pro's tee it up more center than I was.  NOTE: The title on this thread is wrong, I should've written 'vertically' not 'horizontally'.    
I am not hitting out near the toe or the heel.   My problem is that I am hitting the ball high, low, or center on the face.   I think it is happening to some degree with my irons also, but my driver is the clearest indication (because I can see ball marks).        Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?    Again, my impact is centered in terms of left and right on the club face, but it is not centered in terms of top to bottom (i am hitting the...
Scenario: Players A and B are on team 1 and Players C and D are on team 2.    Player A makes a Par, Player B makes a double bogey, and Players C and D make bogeys.    The format is best ball so team 1 takes the hole.    On the next tee box, is it correct that Player A leads off, followed by his/her teammate, Player B. And then Team two tees off (3rd tee shot and 4th tee shot).   My friends and I were unsure how to proceed when playing four ball. 
Does anyone have a good technique (and any relevant tips) for establishing club yardages?   Just got some new sticks, and I need to start swinging with some real knowledge about my distances.    I have a new Bushnell laser finder. My club's range is downhill, but I plan on doing some work at another (flatter) range to get my numbers.    Thanks for the shouts
Anyone know how I can get my hands on a putter like Rosie's ?  It is a flow neck, milled, squared blade.    http://www.golfwrx.com/285411/justin-rose-witb-2015-2/   see here (sorry to post a wrx link)   Just wondering if anybody knows any specific putters on the market that are like his, regardless of manufacturer. Maybe a scotty?              
I like Taylormade too. R7's are certainly getting old so you are missing out on a lot of technology. But you don't necessarily have to go for the new RS irons from TM.    My favorite thing to do is buy 1-3 years old irons on ebay and then get all the custom work done to them I can. You'll save at least a few hundred bucks that way and it's fun. Taylormade rocketballz, rocketbladez, speedblade, burners, burner 2.0....all these iron heads will probably play just as well...
I want to grind my cast iron clubs (nike ignite 4-9i). Has anyone ever done this? 
Any idea if Project X's are sorted by weight or frequency?
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