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Anyone know how I can get my hands on a putter like Rosie's ?  It is a flow neck, milled, squared blade.    http://www.golfwrx.com/285411/justin-rose-witb-2015-2/   see here (sorry to post a wrx link)   Just wondering if anybody knows any specific putters on the market that are like his, regardless of manufacturer. Maybe a scotty?              
I like Taylormade too. R7's are certainly getting old so you are missing out on a lot of technology. But you don't necessarily have to go for the new RS irons from TM.    My favorite thing to do is buy 1-3 years old irons on ebay and then get all the custom work done to them I can. You'll save at least a few hundred bucks that way and it's fun. Taylormade rocketballz, rocketbladez, speedblade, burners, burner 2.0....all these iron heads will probably play just as well...
I want to grind my cast iron clubs (nike ignite 4-9i). Has anyone ever done this? 
Any idea if Project X's are sorted by weight or frequency?
I just hit a 7i in both the Taylormade Cb and the Titleist Cb. The feel was incredibly different. I'm already familiar with the differences in the club heads but not with the shafts.   The Taylormades had KBS tours and the Titleists had Dynamic Golds.    What is the difference, technically, between these shafts?   I'm trying to pin point what it was about the KBS's that I liked so much so I can continue to shop for shafts in the same vein as the KBS Tours (i.e. with...
I just want to say that Nicklaus and Palmer have both been documented saying that they wish they had learned to putt left hand low. Nicklaus said explicitly that it was "the right way".   Obviously saying something is "right" is unwise in golf....but I'm just stating facts here
  Do mallets have 0 loft? I know blades have around 3 degrees of loft. Moreover, are mallets technically de-lofted (i.e. negative loft)?
anyone know the length of this grip. The pingman putter grip.   or if anyone can give it a quick measurement and post it here, that would be greatly appreciated.
Does anybody have any input on the Ping Scottsdale TR and Karsten TR?   I'm in the market for a new flat stick and these two currently have my eye.
I had my vokey 56* bent to 60* recently. That moved the bounce from 10 to 14. I was told it might be hard to hit because of the unusually high bounce (titleist doesn't even produce a 60* in 14* bounce).   But I hit the club incredibly well. I haven't had a bad pitch, chip, or swing with it in the 36 holes i have played with it. It is my favorite club now.    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this..I'm thinking this is all due to my swing or height (I'm...
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