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Well said ^...  I agree on the price of equipment etc. etc. Golf supplies in general are way over priced.  Hopefully this will be a plus for us in the future.  Supply vs demand (lower prices ?) WWR
Thats the way I wash mine also.  Take hat out after wash cycle and let air dry,  I have a plastic hat holder that you put your hat onto and it helps keep the shape of the hat.. Just bought 2 dozen Callaway HEX control  balls  at Costco. WWR
When I was younger I carried.  Now that I am a young 67 I enjoy my clicker 3.5 cart. I load my bag up with food,drink and extra clothes for bad weather.  My home coarse is very hilly and the cart works well over all the different types of terrain.  One of my favorite features of the cart is using my umbrella for some shade on hot days.  As others have said walking the course gives me time to relax between shots.   WWR  
greetings one and all,   Yesterday had the round from H**l, shot a 49-50 on a par 60!!!!  Lost 6 balls,took a ten on one hole (felt like I was staring in Tin cup)   Had good striking of the ball just lots of O.Bs.  Well that round is over with and on to tomorrow.  I sure we all have one of those days.   WWR
10-4,can do.    WWR
I have had my clicker cart for about three weeks now.  Like anything new you just have to practice opening and closing it a few times.   Takes about ten seconds.  Like others have said watch a few utube videos and then practice what you see.   The course I play the most is very hilly and in some places steep.  The cart roles up and down the hill with ease.  There are times when going down a long cart path that I have to use the break as a drag to stop the cart from...
From posts I've read many enjoy the seat.  The Amazon price is also the best I have seen to date.  Will see if I need the seat latter on longer course.  After walking 18 yesterday very hilly I know I will be able to walk most courses.  That's the plan anyway. Take your time and work up to walking 18,just have fun. WWR 
I bought a refurbished clicker 3.5 cart 2 weeks ago from clicker.  Paid less then 150.00 shipped to my door.  Have used it twice so far.   Goes up and down hills with ease,brake works well on hills.  Yesterday walked a very hilly course and hand to use the hand brake going down a winding cart path to help slow the cart down.   Will see how well umbrella holder works next week when my 68 inch Cobra umbrella come in.   Cart is very well made, folds up easy and does not...
Nice putt,   In the video it sounded like he won 10.00 bucks.   WWR
 Of all the young guys out there Spieth is the one I like to watch.  Guess Adam Scott must still be on his honeymoon.
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