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I bought a brand new set of Ping I25 with DG x100 and they are now on ebay and craigslist. Why? Becuzzzz after 3 rounds I realized just how perfect My Mizuno MP 32's are. Best irons ever, period! 
Nah man I was fitted with the best in the area they have been doing this for 20 plus years. Not in the slightest doubt everything is fitted properly. It was just a rough test run thats all, I will figure it out. I come into the ball pretty steep though, and have a strong grip, I never really get into a toe up position, I have a kuchar/fowler like swing with a semi closed face. It's all good, I was hitting into a 20 mph wind at the range as well, which will exaggerate any...
I loved the older Cleveland like back in 2005-2007 but BV is far superior today.
Hey I could use some feed back from some of you experts. I am a single digit handicap play from 6700-7xxx yards driver swing speed 111 and I  recently got the money to invest in a new set of irons. I played mizuno mp 32-s basically my whole life, standard lofts and lie angles... Only wanted new sticks cuz the grooves are non existent. Any how, I got fitted with a fitting professional and when we put the tape on etc etc I basically hit more near the heel every time. I am...
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