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There is no way too definitively answer how much Jack would have won today, of course, but I did see Jack in most of his prime and I have no doubt that his mental toughness, tremendous ability, and shot making skills would have him at least in double figures in majors in any era.
I admire Jack Nicklaus. I'm a Nicklaus person and not a Woods person. However, in the history of sporting events (Warning: Dramatic statement to follow), Tiger's cut streak is one of, if not THE, most amazing feats. Tiger didn't play many Puerto Rico Opens. He made cuts against the best fields in the best tournaments. Jack only missed around 22 or 23 I think. Not bad either. I am just flabbergasted at how well Tiger was able to play, tournament in, tournament out, on...
I was raised in the day of Nicklaus, Palmer, Trevino, Miller, etc. and there was really not much doubt week in, week out who was going to contend. There was a limited list of possible major winners back then, but today, with the international flavor and the competition, a major is very difficult to obtain. That is why, even being a Nicklaus fan from way back, that what Tiger has done is amazing. The number of tournaments he has won, the (and this is most amazing to me)...
 That is a legitimate way to look at this. However, another way is that if one is a "real golf fan" one is concerned with the integrity of the game; concerned with the game not becoming the NFL (which I love!) or the NBA where arrogance is the norm and players seem to have a real need to let you know they are great instead of just performing and letting others intimate such. Of course, golf is never going to become the chest-bumping, crazed "sorry receiver like Crabtree"...
Par for the course for Watson. As was the crazy tee shot on 13 and the approach shot on 15. You have to take the good with the annoying. Kind of like marriage I guess.
Well, that is why he is polarizing. Some think his honesty is refreshing. Others might think the answer to the question should have been something along these lines: "Scott and I might have disagreements but in the end it always comes down to my decision. It is my responsibility." That sees to be Phil and Bones' relationship. They argue as well, but is there any doubt who is in charge in that situation. Phil is going to hit what Phil wants to hit.
Yeah, his caddie is doing just fine. I'm sure he has no complaints. However, we, whether we should be or not, are judging Bubba's personality and I'm sure many feel the way he treats his caddie and some in the gallery is a comment on the rest of his life. That's probably unfair, but we tend to take a snippet and paint a broad brush. I know this, he really shouldn't smart off to his wife. Angie looks like she could whip Bubba! Great collegiate basketball player in her day!
I do have mixed emotions. I believe in the increased responsibility of the sports star to act with dignity and professionalism. They are making a crap load of money and influence children AND adults. However I'm  not sure what people would think of me if I had a camera following me all around my job. And it only takes one misstep to label some a jerk or a hind end. Of course I make a lot less and don't get to walk the fairways of Augusta. With great blessings come burdens....
Totally agree with the "golf lesson" storyline. Sure, I get it, he was raised in a tiny town and was homemade early on. As said, I'm pretty sure he had a golf lesson at Georgia.   Watson just doesn't have a TV personality. Mickelson, no matter what he really is, has TV charisma. Bubba just doesn't. Berating his caddy and going ape crap over a snapped twig as he steps to the ball doesn't help matters any.
At the Par 3 in Augusta a few years back, Mike Weir stopped and talked to my son for a while. He really seemed like a nice fellow. Now on the Champions tour, I have to mention Kenny Perry since I live about 25 miles from his golf course in Kentucky. His father is always at the course and is a great guy. Kenny is also known as one of the nicest guys to ever be on tour. Of course, Steve Stricker is a beast, but I have never met him.
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