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Thnaks for the responses guys that answers my question
I had a argument with a friend about this just looking for a clear definition tried doing a little research just never found the answer When you it a ball OB or in a water hazard etc what determines wether you can take a drop from when it crossed or wether you re-tee and your hitting 3 from the tee box
Lmao woops idk why I put the +
Idk if your still wondering but I played here the course was in top condition a little pricey but your definatly getting your money's worth, including free range balls, some cool holes including a par 4 island green.
brand new to this site from south florida, been playing for just over a year now, play to +20 handicap. played baseball my whole life picked up golf once I stopped and been hooked ever since, highly competitive with my friends and looking to enjoy the game more by playing better more consistent golf
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