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Thank you everyone! I've been playing 6.0 for years but have been having high left misses. I want to move up to at least a 6.5 and try and keep my misses more on line and have a lower trajectory. I also tend to spin the ball a ton which is really annoying sometimes. I do hit down on the ball hard which produces that. So ideally I want to just have something that'll spin less with a lower trajectory. I like the feel of the PX and am not sure if I will like the TTDG... I...
I'm a Project X guy, but I'm wondering if there is a major difference between project x and true temper? I am looking to get a new set and would Ideally like Project X 6.5 shafts, but is there a comparable with True Temper? Do you think either one is much better than the other? Thanks.
Does anyone know what the average handicap is (scoring average is ok too) just curious.
My day job is the biggest thing holding me back!
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