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The anchor just sounds ignorant to the game and like a 'casusal fan' who will stop watching golf entirely when Tiger hangs it up. He lost me at complaining about too much putting being shown. Seriously, I don't know if this guy knows how golf broadcasts work. They try to show shots/strokes that are relevant to the leaders and typically putts are pretty damn important to the outcomes.   I would like to see more shot tracer though and I can live without the swing analysis...
Good grief, this seems like a bit of pc hyperbole. Apologies if my comment offended anyone- it was simply meant to make to make a point. I've simply never come across a group of guys that share the propensity to be offended as some of you.
  Of the players I've seen in my lifetime- I'd say this is accurate. His putting cost him a few majors but his ball striking is as good as anyone's. He picks the ball so cleanly off the ground it's amazing.
 I've noticed this from him in the past too and it annoys me. I'm guessing tour players have a lot more focus than me and can block most things out, but this would bother me.
Shooter pretty much sums up my thoughts on this matter...  
 I've got to take issue with pretty much all of this. First off, yes, Spieth will never move the needle like Tiger. No one will. But that doesn't mean he can't be a legitimate superstar in his own right. Second of all, Spieth shows plenty of emotion on the course. He doesn't frequently curse or slam clubs but he's constantly talking to his ball and for the most part acts like a passionate (but polite and mature) 21 year old kid out there. Third, I don't know where you get...
 No. Professional golfers are in the entertainment business- they get paid by people to entertain them. For various reasons, people don't find the LPGA entertaining...my suggestion related on how to improve that entertainment value while still letting the ladies do something they enjoy (play golf).   No. It woud, by definition, not be the free market if everyone had access to the same resources. Resources have to be earned (bought/paid for based on supply and demand), not...
 No thanks. It's the free market...if Wie and Creamer want to play golf in their lingerie then I'm sure they'll get the revenue and ratings they crave. That's about the only way you're going to get  most guys (including this one) to ever watch the LPGA.  Agreed. I love Augusta as much as anyone but I would have no interest in watching this. All it would do is dilute the aura of the course and the Masters for me.
How bout the LPGA finds its own way to generate interest/revenue without constantly trying to piggyback off the success of the men's game? Doesn't say much for the state of the women's movement in this country if their best business idea is 'hey, let's copy what worked for the men.'
 ^^This. The RC is about as racuous and blue collar as golf gets...basicaly the antithesis of Augusta.
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