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 This seems like a wildly inaccruate generalization and one that I would think most touring pros would take issue with. I think you overly inflate the skill/knowledge set of instructor's relative to tour pros when it comes to understanding the swing. Most tour pros wouldn't make good instructors because they can't relate to the average duffer but when it comes to understanding the mechanics of their swing, and the golf swing in general, they are experts in everything that...
 By indifferent, I mean not a fanboy or an anti. I don't like Tiger personally and think he has mismanaged his career and swing changes, but I want to see him succeed because the game is better with him. Call that whatever you want. I tend to think Chamblee is similar...maybe that distorts his judgment, I don't know.
Bayless is far worse than Chamblee, and it's really not even close   I completely understand how Chamblee can rub some people the wrong way but I think most of the criticism he gets on here is a function of him being critical of the game's most popular figure more so than people actually doubting his knowledge base. As an indifferent Tiger-observer, I think Chamblee's assessment is as good as anyone else's I've heard...I just think people have a  hard time with their...
 I think that's why Tiger likes him... As for Butch, I'm all for it but don't see it ever happening....then again, I didn't think Lebron would ever go back to Cleveland.
Needless to say, I'm glad to see this. We can argue about why, but the fact is, the relationship wasn't working. Hope he makes the smart choice and steers clear of instructors for quite some time.
  Pointing to a doubling of the stock price from 2009 doesn't mean much because the S&P 500 is up ~3x since then. From a financial perspective, they've managed to do better with the archaic big box model than some of their peers, and I give them credit for that. From a customer satisfaction standpoint (judging from this forum and every single golfer/athlete/outdoorsoman I know) they are terrible and only getting worse. If they're still profitable in five years, I'll be...
What a joke of a company. They attempt to do to much, and do everything poorly. They are a case study for business schools on how not to manage a brand and run a business.
I voted 10...but I wouldn't be surprised if he has 12, and wouldn't be overly surprised if he only has 5 or 6 by 2020. Golf is a crazy game. Seve had 4 majors by age 27 and at that time, most people would never have guessed that he'd only get one more...you just never know. In July 2008, if you told somoene that Tiger would never win another major, they would have laughed at you.
If you build a brand like Tiger, Jordan, and Arnie have, it does not matter at all if you're still winning/competing. Jordan and Arnie continue to be some of the highest grossing "athletes" in the world.
 First off, I have no dog in the Nike race because I really dislike there clubs, but you're kidding yourself if you think Rory is a bigger seller of Nike products than Tiger. You think those thousands of fans who swarmed him on the practice round at Valhalla thought he was going to hit it straight or cared what he scored?? Nope, Tiger has far eclipsed the needing to play well to sell stuff phase. Think Elvis in the 70s. And as for your purported racist golf fans- there are...
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