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 Only requires ones of them winning to get four tickets (one for each of them and their fathers) so no, I don't think he's saying they both hit the lottery. And the Masters doesn't allow husband and wife to both enter the lottery (no duplicate addresses).
I don't know what the stats say but my observations tell me Spieth is a better putter and scrambler than Rory. That and his mental game are what give him a chance to compete with Rory, who is longer and a lot more talented on paper. When Rory's game is on it's as good as Tiger's in his prime but his mental stability (or whatever you want to call it) is still on the weaker side in my opinion. Fortunately for him he's got the raw talent to make up for it.
As has already been mentioned, it's hard for someone to be funny within the confines of what's permissible on golf tv. He seems like a good guy who would be fun to have a couple beers with. I have no problem with him and would take him over McCord any day.
Two things boggle my mind about this thread:   1.)  The fact that its 13 pages long...   2.) The fact that a lot of guys on here believe touring pros are impervious to human nature. Complacenecy is very much a part of human nature, even for people blessed with a lot of talent and work ethic.   Norman expressed his thoughts in an asinine manner and he definitely hasn't said much to garner likeability points with me (who was a big fan of his years ago) or anyone else,...
When it comes to who has done the most for the tour and current touring pros, Tiger's is the only name that can be uttered in the same breath as Arnie. Not Jack and certainly not Hogan's. They are greats, but pro golfers would share similar fame and fortune to pro bowlers right now without Arnie. And Earl's son would have probably grown up to be a very good collegiate baseball or football player without Arnie.
 Yes, most of the working class tour guys are tee'ing it up this week because it's the tours stop and it's what they do every week. But for an event that has historically had one of the best fields of the year, it's sad  and yes, disrespectful to Arnie to not show up this week. If you think it's not, then I would argue you probably don't have a great understanding of how much Arnie has done for each and every player making a living on the tour.
 If not it doesn't bode well for the question of whether golf is in a good place post Tiger/Phil.   In my book? Heck yes. But that blame can be spread around among several folks
 Wow I had no idea those three weren't playing. I can't support that. If you're healthy, you play in Arnie's tournament. The tour and their livelihood as they know it wouldn't be nearly what it is today without Arnie.
I have no idea whether he'll play or not but I'd be willing to bet almost anything that he won't play in Texas beforehand. First off, he's hardly ever played the week before a major and (with only a couple of exceptions) he's not one to go 'slumming' in less than elite tournaments regardless of the circumstances.   I'll be down in Augusta so I hope he decides to tee it up. It's possibly the only tournament and venue that doesn't need Tiger, but it still didn't feel the...
 OK, OK...like my old college english professor used to tell me, never use the world 'never' or 'always'. I shouldn't have said that he has never said a disparaging word about Tiger, but I don't think the fact that he's a tremendous Tiger homer is a debatable topic. Anyways, I wasn't trying to turn this into a Notah Begay thread.
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