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 Surprised that you think this way. Zinger was ripping Tiger on Sunday over the constant swing changes, basically saying he thought they were unncessary and robbed him of some of his prime. Agree or disagree, but he didn't seem to hold back his opinion.
 Like I said, I don't know what one would be (nor do I think there is one) but obviously the USGA and the like have thought abou the larger hole, tee it forward, etc. initiatives as means of increasing popularity. But to clarify, I guess I mean it as something that would reverse the decline in the game or maybe at least slow the rate of decline.
Part of me wants to like Bubba but his constant spastic behavior, whining, and rudeness just makes it impossible. I don't root against him, but I don't think I can ever route for him.   He keeps on spouting BS about this being his year of "rejoicing" but treating fans like an inconvenience, his caddy like garbage, and the birthplace of golf like a hellhole doesn't really seem like rejoicing to me.
Someone could probably write a disseration on the economic, socioeconomic, and demographic reasons the game is in decline but unfortunately I don't see any reversing of the trend nor do I think there are any silver bullets to stem the bleeding.
I think ESPN's coverage is better than any of the other networks provide and the Sunday round was no earlier than normal (only Saturday was pushed up).   It's a reflection of Tiger not being in the mix....and Rory's large lead going into Sunday didn't help. Rory might be the heir apparent to Tiger's throne but he isn't nearly as blockbuster as Tiger (at least in the States) nor will he ever be. I wish the tour could more broadly attract sports fans, but Tiger appears to...
The 'facts' can be used in any number of ways- but like any analysis it has to be part art and part science. Despite Rory not having a great track record on paper at Augusta in his short history, we all remember how he was one back-nine mental collapse away from winning in 2011 and most of us know that his game can and should suit Augusta as long as his head is in the right place.    9iron used the facts to show that Tiger hasn't been there in the Majors from...
 Wow, throw the baby out with the bath water, much?? The dude lays out great analysis that I have never heard or thought of before and you find one oversight to nitpick and try and discredit his entire point.
 Maybe you just have a silky smooth swing but I think you're very much underestimating the amount of trauma a Tiger-like (especially circa 1997) swing can have to the body over many years. Tiger's swing back then was unprecedented in the amount of upper body vs. lower body torque he created and that puts a huge amount of stress on the body. Apples to oranges vs. football contact but real stress and damage nonetheless.
  Kobe vs. Lebron would have been the more appropriate analogy for me to make. Either way, hopefully my point is made- past performance is no indication of future performance once father time has decided to rear his ugly head and there's no way of knowing how early or late in a career it's going to happen. Two years ago, most people wouldn't have thought Dwayne Wade's knees would be done at age 32.
Michael Jordan has a better career record in the NBA finals than LeBron. If he decided to lace back up his hightops next year and play again, he'd haver a better chance of winning a title than Lebron, right?? Makes sense to me.
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