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Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad to see Day breakthrough and starting to win like we all knew he could but I think some folks are going a little overboard on the JD bandwagon. 2 Majors+ a legitimate shot at the GS (top 3s in other 2 majors) far surpasses  the PGA + FedEx IMO. We're all prone to the 'what have you done for me lately' mentality, but IMO there isn't much of discussion to be had here.
Whether it's Elway, Ditka, Shula, or now Woods, I have one policy when it comes to athlete restaurants- I'll go them if I'm not paying. I've gone to plenty for business meals (never at my choosing), but invariably there are much better options in most every city that houses one and the menus are almost always predictably generic and average.
Strength of field discussion matters only for career talk; and for that I believe Phil is probably somewhere around a a top 10-12 player of all time (the numbers support that IMO)Talent wise, I'm talking subjective, eye test stuff. Golf is the game that can have the biggest disparity between talent and results (see: Norman, Couples, etc). Phil somewhat underperformed his talent which I think could have, without too much a stretch, given him 9 or 10 majors. IMO Phil is a...
This is a mis-charicaterization IMO. Golf is an extremely fickle game (especially for Phil) and it usually doesn't allow you to peak right at the same as as your competitor (Tiger) is struggling.IMO Phil is a top 5 talent to ever play the game. His career is probably more like a top 10 career of all time but talent wise (and to a lesser extent career achievement wise) he surpassed his peers of Vijay, Ernie, etc. Beyond Tiger and Jack, Phil is among the next tier of guys...
 In all honesty, I exclusively refer to Freddie as Boom Boom...Sergio, I just don't even bother to talk about.  Agreed. It seems ridiculous for a guy who won the US Open and Players in the last 16 months to 'lose' his tour card for next year. Is this some new product of the FedEx system because I have never heard of this garbage before?
Got it. I forgot about the 95 parameter
Every online source I've seen has Vijay at 34 wins and Phil at 42...so 8 fewer (by memory I thought Phil was at 43). Anyways...
9 less tour victories, 2 fewer majors, and 9 fewer seconds in majors- I don't see that as particularly close. Phil has been a huge part of many many majors over the past 20 years, that simply can't be said of Vijay. Vijay had a great career and got a lot out of his game, but I have to put him on a tier below Phil.
It's Phil...and I would argue that you'd have to be a fairly biased Phil hater to think it's particularly close. 5 majors and 10 seconds in majors (2nd most all time). I know that could or should haves don't amount to a whole lot but without too much imagination he could have 9 or 10 majors right now and being talked about as probably the 3rd best in history.
I haven't had a chance to watch any golf so far this week but it was pretty cool to just pull up the scoreboard and see Tiger's name at the top. I'll be watching and rooting for him this weekend, it would be a great story if he can play his way into the playoffs.   I had a feeling at the beginning of the week that he might be able to compete on this course since it's not overly long or penal off the tee (but I definitely wasn't expecting this showing). I don't know but...
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