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 Stick it to them making so much money?? Are you kidding me? I applaud success and have a great deal of respect for most touring pros. This isn't about taking issue with their fame and fortune, it's about them coming across as spoiled brats who don't know how good they have it. And endurance/stamina is a part of every other sport- why shouldn't it be the same for the golf playoffs. You look at any other major sport- football, basketabll, and hockey, and almost all the guys...
I consider myself to be blessed and have it darn good- and I work 50-60 hours a week, and am on the road for 150 days a year and make a small fraction of what these guys do. Agreed that the playoffs are deeply flawed and feel more like something the players have to do rather than want to do. As for the complaining about the schedule- I fully appreciate that these guys are tired and they have a right to be. That said, it's still a matter of perception and looking like an...
Complaining about having to compete four weeks in a row. I know four weeks of traveling and playing can get old, but c'mon guys, this is why other athletes and non-golfers look down on you. Oh, I'm sorry you have to play golf for four straight weeks and compete for millions of dollars. Some of these guys need some persepective as to what real work and sacrifice is.
I'm intrigued that you apparently started an account to ask this question. Curious.   Anyways, it's not all uncommon for solid past champions to more or less lose their swing or touch on the greens...or lose their motivation somewhat as they age.  Golf is a game that some can play at a high level later in life and some can't for a multitude of reasons. Curtis has followed a similar path as Nick Faldo and Ben Crenshaw in that regard.
I have no doubt the course is good one and I admittedly didn't watch much of the coverage yesterday so was just commenting on my initial impression. That said, as an east coaster I was looking forward to turning on the tv and seeing something different from what we see every week, and I didn't really get it. Just my observation.
Anybody else dissapointed yesterday when they turned on the tournament and saw a standard east of the Mississippi looking park layout?? I'm well aware not all of CO is dramatic mountain vistas but I figured if they were going to move the tournament out there, then it was going to be for a beautiful mountain course. Of all the great courses in that state, seems like they could have chosen a better and more scenic course than one in the south suburbs of Denver.
Good for him, I had no idea there was a caddy HOF.   Stevie is a D Bag
Still not liking the Mahan pick. If I'm TWatson, I'm picking Bradley, Horschel, and flipping a coin between Simpson and Kirk.
 This seems like a wildly inaccruate generalization and one that I would think most touring pros would take issue with. I think you overly inflate the skill/knowledge set of instructor's relative to tour pros when it comes to understanding the swing. Most tour pros wouldn't make good instructors because they can't relate to the average duffer but when it comes to understanding the mechanics of their swing, and the golf swing in general, they are experts in everything that...
 By indifferent, I mean not a fanboy or an anti. I don't like Tiger personally and think he has mismanaged his career and swing changes, but I want to see him succeed because the game is better with him. Call that whatever you want. I tend to think Chamblee is similar...maybe that distorts his judgment, I don't know.
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