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Reed is an immature kid with a lot to still learn on how to conduct himself, but in no ways should this be much of a story other than another footnote of evidence to that fact.   Speculating as to if someone may or may not be a "homophobe" (or whatever media crazed buzz word you want to throw out) based on what was said to one's self in a moment of anger is as useless as getting upset or offended by something this trivial. The whole world needs to grow some thicker skin....
Wow, no wonder that hope and change s*** worked. Hope really does spring eternal I guess.
 I try to live in the real world, not the twitter world, so I try to base my opinions of people based on how they conduct themselves in said real world. I don't think this is that unreasonable nor do I do think it should be that objectionable if I don't care for the guy. We've all got golfers we don't like, he's near the top of my list for some of the reasons I've mentioned.
  I'm not on twitter, and maybe call me old fashioned, but I believe that by definition someone's goofy posts and antics on twitter do not constitute a personality, since you know, a personality has to be expressed IN PERSON and all. And for all the folks saying it's common for players to not watch their respective peers play once their season is done, you clearly miss the point of why the RC is supposed to be different and why I take issue with public indifference to the...
Bishop's comments were more just lame than they were anything else. This guy is an idiot and lacks any of the skills needed to lead the PGA.
 You're missing the point entirely comparing watching the RC to the Masters. And like rb, I acknowledge that his Winston analogy isn't a perfect one but it is a good one to frame the issue here as something beyond just a "why does it matter if he watched" dismissal. When there's constant talk about a lack of unity and true interest in the RC from the American squad, it irks me when some toad like Dufner says something like this and helps validate that argument. It's not a...
 Ok, so like I said, apparently next to no one agrees with me here so I'll let this thread die but to summarize my issues since apprently they aren't getting through 1.) As a former player, don't broadcast that you didn't watch a minute of the RC. It's akin to your wife asking you if she looks fat- sometimes honesty isn't always required. I couldn't care less if he watched it or not, but yes, I would have preferred a little tactful dishonesty in this case. And more...
 Did  I say or imply that anywhere?? For the third time now,  I couldn't care less if you or Dufner watched. That's not what this is about
Fair enough. As usual, I'm in the minority here. We'll agree to disagree
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