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Hi again,   Thanks for pointing out that I'm comming out of my posture.    I've been working on the flying wedge drill and my posture quite a bit with some positive results: - I feel less tension in my arms,  - my iron shots go higher, but I don't lose distance   now I seem to shank more (never shanked before) and over-draw the ball. I guess my path is too much inside-out.      my drives are straight now and launch a little lower, (only missed 2 fairways on...
yeah I did. The flying wedge drill seems pretty easy, but it wasn't for me. I had difficulties with hitting the ball properly, my club face seemed to be open to the path most of the time resulting in slices. I've been re-reading the topic on the right elbow and it effects on the downswing (http://thesandtrap.com/t/54238/elbow-position-and-its-effects-on-the-downswing) as well
update on my progress (only DTL this time):       This that I've been working on: - Bent more over - right elbow more tucked in at the start of the downswing, still to far away at impact :-(   results so far: - standing farther away from the ball - ball flight is a bit lower - slicing it , apparently I'm unable to find room for my hands in order to prevent comming over the top.   Shoulders position at impact is still odd, I guess I'm subconsciously afraid of...
 flight is pretty straight (occasionally a baby fade) and has nice hight (I try to hit up on it). I don't have much roll (10m)  because of the pretty steep angle of descend I guess.   My hands get to the position in right picture some frames later? Maybe mine are a bit higher there. Or are you referring to the angle of the shaft that I'm losing? Tx all for the drills and advices Normally I'll be on the range today, will let you know how it went  Koen
@14ledo81: I hit it mostly on the center or slightly towards the heel   @EverythingGolf: I'll try that and let you know how it worked out. Tx
+1   I'd like to add that the landing area you are pitching at has quite some influence on the roll (and as a result your distance).   If you measure the distance of that pitch executed on the DR/fairway/green you'll notice that their are some different results you are getting.
I break 90 on a regular basis in friendly games, but I still have to break it in a qualifying event...   Lower my hcp < 18 by the end of the season.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2,5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 24 EGA My typical ball flight is: little push/draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push right     Videos:   I usually hit it quite straight and am able to draw it when needed. I don't have much roll-out, total distance is around 215 meters (235 yds) and would like to hit it a little much further. Currently playing a Ping G20 10.5° R-flex...
Thank you for your comments.   played a round with them yesterday. Sound and feel were the same as with the 'known good' AD333. I had the feeling that they didn't go as far as I'm used to, I guess that was caused by me not hitting them as solidly as I should....    Koen
Hello,   I play the Srixon AD333 ball. Yesterday I bought a new box on a golf sale. I noticed that the design of the box was different. When I opened the box, the print on the ball was also a little different. I also noticed that there were some characters (72 and LE) moulded in some dimples and that the design of the dimples was different. I think these are not genuine AD333 balls but either they are counterfeit, refurbished or an older version.   Can someone shed...
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