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I have hundreds of balls of all types...I do like the Pro V1 and the Bridgestone E.series and B330s and rx's...right now Im playing Callaways of all types just to see
jimmy walker -4   jonas blixt -3   henrik stenson -2
Level Par on a Par 31.. 9 hole Executive course(Candler Park Golf Course in Atlanta)...a walking course...was a blast to walk again
I've read every post here and its funny my highest score thus far this year had been 83...after reading this topic I went out on Monday and shot a scintillating 93. I am no vanity handicapper...I count every stroke and hole out everything. This was the highest score I've shot in a number of years...it was dreadful...I shot a 44 on the front side and decided to press on the back side and man the freakin wheels came off as did my composure and i shot a 49 on the back...
You mean the 'American? model of golf is unsustainable ? Big shock that is
I've played in numerous match play events over the years and have never once encountered the kind of sore losing that is described here but I'm sure it exists. Match play truly is a game within a game and there are many styles of 'gamemanship'. I think the best style (for me) is to hit fairways and greens and steadily apply pressure forcing one's opponent to take some risks that maybe he ordinarily wouldn't, that consequently might force an error.   Many styles of...
I do too Dave...I always know where I stand in relation to Par...whether I care or not is another story...in a fun round with friends I could care less...in a medal play tournament I do care but it doesn't interfere with my playing the shot at hand ( I don't take unrealistic risks in order to get a shot or two back,etc etc)
I believe the thread was about STRATEGY and how it relates to a high handicapper....obviously consistent ball striking is a much bigger factor...but that wasn't the question here
All this preoccupation with swing speed & distance...screw it...play f'in Golf...much more to Golf than freakin swing speed and distance (But not if you drink the Taylormade koolaid)
Im 62...swing speed is between 95-105 depending (only tested at PGA Tour Superstore) I would safely assume mostly the high 90s as I rarely swing full out
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