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is anyone here familiar with Dr David Wright and his work on STANCE-WIDTH
This was very helpful to me...itvis what i do and now I understand it much better...thank you
Well said and duly noted Erik. The videos i saw btw were excellent were not geared to me. I accept that it is a nice program....To me it made TGM come to life......how about a video showing what adjustments MIGHT have to be made.....just asking with kindness and respect Thanks Ps i sent you a pm earler today
I am interested to listen to opinions on this subject.......I understand the 5 just struggling a bit Thanks for any imput
@boogie.....thank you...can you possibly share a few Of tHem
Thankyou yes that was the video.. You mentioned SHOuldet rotation.....yes possibly could be...thank you for your response
Its called being legally blind.....But thankyou so mUCh for your caring
Hi Rick I was going to ask a question I saw tHe video on YouTube tHat you and Dave witH you. On wHen you Had a piece of velcro on your jacket and you were talking about How far back tHe The righT elbow should go well I have someThing wrong wiTh my shoulder and when I Take The club back iT's an involunTary move on my parT ThaT my elbow goes all The way back The way u did when you were showing how To use The velcro any ideas of how we can play from There
Absolutely correct!,,,,
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