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I thought I would share my experience as well.  I got fitted in Birmingham, MI at the beginning of July and my putter just arrived 2 days ago.  The fitter had the new torque balanced fitting cart.  The fitting only took about 30 to 35 minutes.  My guess is because there were less combinations to try.  It did take a few tries to get me aiming at the cup with the laser and did reset every time.  The distance control part was the quickest I would say.  He added a bunch of...
I got it and only played it a bit.  I like playing on Tour mode and not being able to zoom in to where you're aiming.  You have to use the hole map which makes it seem more realistic.  I did read it's on a 2 year release cycle so I think they put the game out with the bare minimum and they did say there would be free DLC coming soon.  So they'll add courses and what not over that two years.  It's fun for me thus far.
While it doesn't have any licensing for real courses and what not you may want to check out The Golf Club.  The controls and how it plays is very real and doesn't have an arcade feel to it like past EA Sports golf games.
Nice.  Yea, I think that course is closed now.  I drive by it every now and then.  Between Jackson and Lansing there are lots of different golf courses to choose from.  Though this will be only my second full summer playing since my high school days so still plenty more to try out.   Mike
I concur, the search function is quite amazing :)
I've just been lurking for a few weeks and decided it would be nice to participate in the discussions as well.  Lots of great information on this forum and a lot of good people as well.  It's refreshing to read intelligent conversations on a topic.   Anyone else in the greater Lansing area in Michigan?   Mike
I have a birdie ball putting mat and I let the uneven basement floor create the break for me :)
My putting, especially distance control has been awful this year.  I recently gave looking at the hole a shot at the practice green.  My distances were soo much better.  I couldn't believe.  It still feels super awkward.  It feels like there is no way I can hit a straight putt without looking at the ball.  But for some reason it just works.  I still need more practice but Im definitely going to give this a shot on the course to try and eliminate those 3 putts.  Im still...
Thanks!  I'll definitely have to check those out when Im down there next.  Appreciate the info!
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