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My previous irons were a mixed set of "vintage" Nomads, and Wilsons. They were a barn find (when I was younger) from an old family farm, dusty vinyl/leather bag and all. Just a set of solid-back blades, nothing fancy. But they were fine for swinging around the property and the few times I went to a course at least I had some clubs.   My driver is a Nike Sasquatch Sumo9.5 460cc job that sounds like an aluminum bat hitting steel ball-bearings everytime I drive, but man...
I'm and Engineering Physics student and I work Aviation Management for our local Airport.
Thank You. I've been outside all day enjoying these new (used) clubs.
Hey Folks. I just wanted to stop in say Hello.I'm a young guy who's been "golfing" (hitting golf balls) for some time. Just recently I have decided  that I want to get more serious about improving my game. Luckily I have a friend who is at least better enough than me to teach me some of the less-basic basics (<-makes sense?) and make things both interesting a challenging for the time being. I have several standing offers from some of the more experienced golfers around my...
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