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got one in the used section at american golf cheers
Cant get this anywhere now, missed out on the americangolf sale which had these for £69.99! Gutted
ano i get some funny looks about the putter aswell, but its improved my putting. just regripped it with the superstroke fatso there playing with it today cant wait to use it, the grip feels brilliant, frees up my hands so that i can concentrate more on the actual swing now.
Guys I have completley changed my putting grip and stroke recently and begun using a new putter. (Odyssey Backstryke 2 - 2 ball). My putting has improved dramatically since these changes, but now I am thinking of scrapping the stock odyssey grip on my putter in favour of one of these chunky grips. Reason for the change is that my new grip has me overlapping both sets of fingers almost completley in-order to place both hands almost side by side and keep my thumbs parallel...
thanks for the info lucius. im 5 foot 6/7 so pretty short, the stock shaft in this club was 43'' and weighed 48g and worked fine so i can see your point. the shaft broke however hence the reshafting. i am unable to find the same original shaft online which is a pity.
im looking for a 3 wood shaft to fit my taylormade Burner head. I have a swing speed of somewhere between 90-100. what flex and shaft length should I order? is the aldila nv a good choice for me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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