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As an instructor for Hank Haney I've seen beginners go from 120s to breaking 100 very often! You can do it you have to have a plan!
I'll prioritize. What ever the most crucial mistake you have that's causing the worst mistake. If the club swings into the ball too steep then where did the club first get off track. Could just be on the way down or maybe it's off going back. I'll start where it gets off
The students analysis will give me a hint... I could ask which way does your driver curve? Student says slice.I ask where do you miss with short irons?Student says left.I ask how much ground do you tend to hit? Too much or not enough?Student says too much.Where on the face do you tend to hit.Student says toe.After something like this I know the club is swinging into the ball too steep.
Well... Our analysis starts backwards... We see the ball flight first... Then we picture how the impact had to have been to produce that ball flight... After that how did the club move throughout the whole swing to produce the impact that caused the ball flight... Finally we look at what you did with your hands ,arms and body to move the club the way it moved that produced the impact that caused the ball flight... Hahah. I'm not a writer. The swing plane influences to a...
For me personally I started learning the golf swing under Steve Johnson. He's the closest thing to Hank himself. I've watched him and many other guys that have been around hank a long time for hundreds and hundreds of hours. And I've had the chance to watch Hank teach for a couple hundred hours. My time around other ways of teaching is limited.All the instructors that work with Hank focus on fixing the ball flight and making sure that the students have fun. The best...
I was there for the first Haney project with Barkley. (I was the guy that put all of the balls on the tee). Haha. Hank believes in having a plan and working hard. When you try to make a change first try it at full speed. If you can't feel it at full speed go slow... And slower. If you can't get it going slow then break it into parts.The number one thing for us is fixing the ball...
Haha. Thanks!
Ok I'm sorry, why no questions?
I'm assuming that you're talking about full swing but All golfers should be striving to eliminate there very worst mistake... Sky ball...slice out of bounds... Duffing chips...whatever the shot may be you want to eliminate the shot that ruins holes and rounds
Where the ball starts is influenced by both face and path... Predominately face If anyone would like me to analyze their swing I'd be happy to tell you what I think.
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