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Hi everyone, So my swing is kinda back to being pretty bad and inside again. I've been having a big problem with a huge draw that is impossible to control. I believe it is a result of an inside swing plane, and I have a push plane (because of my divots that are way right), and I flip my hands to compensate for the plane. My swing used to be on plane and now I kinda lost it. What do you guys think? My swing is posted below. The first one is my new bad swing and my other...
Thanks a lot for your help. I took a video of my swing and is beleive it is because I come too far from the inside. I have a push path and then I snap my hands to compensate. I normally don't have this problem because I have always been too upright. Here's a link to my swing. What do you think? The first swing is the one that I have been having issues with and the second one is one from 1 month ago. And trust me I know my first swing is bad, I've been having issues.
I finally beat my slicing problem and started hitting my driver nice and straight. Now that it is straight with a slight draw, I hook my irons terribly. But not a pull hook, it's more just a very big draw. I start it at the right side of the green, and it will hook over to the other side and then land left of the green. I however have good contact and the distance is still pretty accurate. Sometimes I can hit the green, but it would be much either if I could straighten it...
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