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That's hysterical because I always walk away with multiple cards when I play with larger groups. I've tried an iPhone app a handful of times but call me old fashioned because I'm always pulled back to marking up a card.  I work in Mercer county and I'm sure there will be a weekend or maybe an summer day that we could link up.
Hey everyone,   I joined the site back in April but I figured I would take the opportunity to introduce myself.   I have been playing golf for about nine years but I have put a lot of time into my game over the last four years. My goal is to drop my handicap into the single digits and I'm on my way shaving a stroke off already this season (went from 13.9-12.2). Once in a while I struggle with my driver off the tee and my old friend "slice" makes an appearance. For good...
My dad has worn his contours for over 18 months and he LOVES them. He has never had a bad thing to say about them.
I would agree that some slipping can be caused by an unbalanced swing but I've always been a little more comfortable with spiked shoes. I have had my DNA's for a little over two weeks and I absolutely love them. I have the all white shoe and I might even add another color (red) or the all black option.
Thanks for the response and the pic. I wonder if he switches back at some point after the Open if he doesn't see the results he is looking for?
Anyone know what putter Brandt Snedeker switched to? Golf Channel video did not mention what he switched to and I can't find much online. Interested to see what it is given he has used his Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie for the past 8 years.
Graeme McDowell -4   Phil Mickelson -2   Jordan Spieth E
I just finished "Putting Out of Your Mind" by Dr. Bob Rotella. It was a great read and I am considering picking up some of his other titles.   Anyone read any of his other books?
I also have a TaylorMade Catalina bag and I do like the size of my cooler. One thing I didn't pay attention were the club dividers. They are not full bag length and that was something I now wish I paid closer attention to. My dad has a SunMountain KG-3 and he absolutely loves his bag.
Good to know that they are comfortable! Maybe it's me being stubborn but I am not a fan of a spike less shoe. I'll be heading down to Myrtle Beach next weekend and I am hoping to pick up a new pair soon! Thanks for the feedback!
New Posts  All Forums: