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Went through a proper fitting last year and I don't see me replacing my Kenny Giannini anytime soon. Equipment isn't everything but I've never had this much confidence in my flat stick on the greens.   5+ years for sure!
My swing speed is also in the 105-109 range and after a fitting I purchased the Alpha 815 with the Aldila Tour Rogue Silver stiff shaft (69g). I have always battled a slice, nothing crazy and at times more like a fade that I start to far right, but my during my fitting we discovered that my old driver, TaylorMade R11 w/ a ProForce V2 stiff shaft (66g), was not doing me any favors. The ProForce was too light and I was not getting the face to shut properly which started my...
I LOVE my G-4. Part of it may be mental because I have a ton of confidence with my putter, but my putting has drastically improved this summer. I've played and practiced more which obviously helps but I don't think it would be fair to overlook what a proper fitting and confidence can do for your game.   I stayed with the stock grip and I don't see my self going to the SuperStroke.
That's exactly what I did! Those golf store are my adult version of Toys 'R' Us
I use the Croosline ACE 3Gen and I love these grips
A proper fitting is definitely the way to go, and based on your post something you already know. I bought new irons earlier this year and I went in with the same mindset of moving to a, "players iron." After the fitting I walked away with the Apex's and I absolutely love the choice I made. Great turf interaction and I can still work the ball even though they were labeled a GI. Before buying I tested the AP1's and 2's, Mizuno JPX-825 and the Apex's.
I bought a new putter back in May and I went in with the intention of buying a Scotty (it was a birthday gift so budget was not a concern).   After hitting the Scotty's, Bettinardi's, Odyssey's and Kenny Giannini's I left with the Giannini G-4 No Neck. Loved the way it felt in store and had a great fitting experience. I've never been this confident on the greens and my game has reflected that. Not saying it's all the putter but I have shaved two strokes off my handicap...
That's hysterical because I always walk away with multiple cards when I play with larger groups. I've tried an iPhone app a handful of times but call me old fashioned because I'm always pulled back to marking up a card.  I work in Mercer county and I'm sure there will be a weekend or maybe an summer day that we could link up.
Hey everyone,   I joined the site back in April but I figured I would take the opportunity to introduce myself.   I have been playing golf for about nine years but I have put a lot of time into my game over the last four years. My goal is to drop my handicap into the single digits and I'm on my way shaving a stroke off already this season (went from 13.9-12.2). Once in a while I struggle with my driver off the tee and my old friend "slice" makes an appearance. For good...
My dad has worn his contours for over 18 months and he LOVES them. He has never had a bad thing to say about them.
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