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If your current putter works for you and you're happy with it, keep it.   Last summer I bought my Kenny Giannini G4 and absolutely fell in love. It will be a very long time before I look to swap out my current putter.
I currently play the Callaway Apex's and love them. The top line was a hair thicker but it definitely fits my eye and it was far and away the best iron I was fitted for. I also tested the Titleist AP 1 & 2 and a Mizuno set that was released the year before the JPX-EZ Forged. A combo set between the Apex Pro and Apex could be a good way to go.   Definitely get fit no matter what director you go in.
Went through a proper fitting last year and I don't see me replacing my Kenny Giannini anytime soon. Equipment isn't everything but I've never had this much confidence in my flat stick on the greens.   5+ years for sure!
My swing speed is also in the 105-109 range and after a fitting I purchased the Alpha 815 with the Aldila Tour Rogue Silver stiff shaft (69g). I have always battled a slice, nothing crazy and at times more like a fade that I start to far right, but my during my fitting we discovered that my old driver, TaylorMade R11 w/ a ProForce V2 stiff shaft (66g), was not doing me any favors. The ProForce was too light and I was not getting the face to shut properly which started my...
I LOVE my G-4. Part of it may be mental because I have a ton of confidence with my putter, but my putting has drastically improved this summer. I've played and practiced more which obviously helps but I don't think it would be fair to overlook what a proper fitting and confidence can do for your game.   I stayed with the stock grip and I don't see my self going to the SuperStroke.
That's exactly what I did! Those golf store are my adult version of Toys 'R' Us
I use the Croosline ACE 3Gen and I love these grips
A proper fitting is definitely the way to go, and based on your post something you already know. I bought new irons earlier this year and I went in with the same mindset of moving to a, "players iron." After the fitting I walked away with the Apex's and I absolutely love the choice I made. Great turf interaction and I can still work the ball even though they were labeled a GI. Before buying I tested the AP1's and 2's, Mizuno JPX-825 and the Apex's.
I bought a new putter back in May and I went in with the intention of buying a Scotty (it was a birthday gift so budget was not a concern).   After hitting the Scotty's, Bettinardi's, Odyssey's and Kenny Giannini's I left with the Giannini G-4 No Neck. Loved the way it felt in store and had a great fitting experience. I've never been this confident on the greens and my game has reflected that. Not saying it's all the putter but I have shaved two strokes off my handicap...
That's hysterical because I always walk away with multiple cards when I play with larger groups. I've tried an iPhone app a handful of times but call me old fashioned because I'm always pulled back to marking up a card.  I work in Mercer county and I'm sure there will be a weekend or maybe an summer day that we could link up.
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