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Depends on your preference. I like Golf Pride although they are pricey. My next favorite is Lamkin. I don't care for Winn because they are too soft. Again, it's preference. Other than size, I'm not sure the brand you choose actually affects anything. Certain materials like cord vs velvet give a different feel and response to the player, but that's it. The size will determine rotation for the most part. I have happy wrists and long fingers, so I use midsize grips. That...
I would like to hear an honest answer to this. Just had the worst round I have had in months upon months. I didn't even know I knew how to suck that bad anymore. Not only did I play terrible, but the course was in awful shape and the people I was playing with were not creating a fun environment to be a part of.   Clubs shall remain in the closet for a few weeks.
A topic that has been debated 50+ times on this site. But yes, I used my 3 wood for over a year because I couldn't hit my driver either. I got fit for a new driver and now I use my driver more than my 3 wood. I do have days where I struggle with the driver and use the 3w still.
Being a baseball player for 16 years, I used the baseball grip for a year. After that, I was told to go to interlocking and I have never looked back. Feels very comfortable and natural because I have long fingers. I still have the baseball grip with my putter however.
I've finished -32 in a tournament at TPC San Antonio once on PGA 2012 The Masters. That game is such a joke once you get it all down. Pretty easy even at the hardest settings.
Many recommend Aldila
I'm sorry, but I disagree in that comment being a legitimate point considering every ball knows what angle you hit it at and how much spin you put on it. I've snap hooked a Pinnacle Gold more than once. Yes a Pro V will exaggerate those bad angles, but who's fault is that? The ball, or the player? I am no where close to an advanced player and I am not nearly even close to acting like I can put insane spin on the ball with "pulling-the-rope" command, but I can tell you the...
What @WUTiger said. I live in TX where it's always dry. The more you pay, the softer the greens. It's all about maintenance and water.
You can do whatever you want. Let people make that decision for them self.   This guy, Matt Edelman, owned a range down the street from me. He offered lessons cheap ($30/hr). I almost took one from him considering they were cheap and he made a few pro cuts back in his younger days. Then I watched him hit a golf ball. I laughed at him (his swing resembled that of Charles Barkley and had a snap hook), he got mad and told me to never come back, and I never came back. 4...
If you play basketball, can you defy the rules by never bouncing the ball and just running to the hoop and putting it in?   In my opinion, you aren't playing golf at all if you aren't playing by the rules. If you aren't skilled enough to hit the ball down the fairway, your penalty is that you are hitting out of the rough. 99/100 times you are going to hit a crappy shot out of that bad lie, but that ONE shot you hit just right and stick on the green is the reason I play...
New Posts  All Forums: