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Got mine yesterday can't wait to read it
Ok I tried it last round and my short irons were crisp.. But like the book says if your lag isn't there you'll struggle with longer irons which I am. Find it hard to get a divot with my long irons and FW woods. Driver I don't try it..
I tried getting the handle or hands ahead of the ball a few times and I shanked it every time. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but it's not easy thing for me to do..
Spieth and Mcdowell did it yesterday on the same hole. Miller said you have to pinch it good for this shot work..
Gotta get to Chicago one day and listen to some blues..
I'd like an update on your progress.
Ya 10 months of snow and 2 months of bad tobogganing.
Mine is on its way too bad it's late in the season but I'm sure I'll get lots of great info.
Well I'm like a popcorn machine these days left, right, center.. No slices just pushes, the a pull draw, really trying to keep head steady and and keep the hip forward.. It works sometimes but some are big pushes. 
I'd probably whip myself to death.
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