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Well like the title says Flight not FIGHT your wedges...
For sure I added to my favorites in my TST folder.
Perfect thanks a bunch bro....
HI all can anyone point me in the right direction. I know it;s in the forum somewhere but I can't find it.  I would like to get the positions of A1 A2 etc,, Thanks in advance.
I have  a hard time keeping the ball low, which is something that I would love to do. Where I'm located we have mostly windy days and I'm talking windy.. lol Maybe I'm not keeping the angle enough.   This image has helped me I think of the arrows when I swing down.  
I just scratch my head after a shot and think "What @&%# was that?
I do better when I try and aim my hands ahead of the ball I hit fat sometimes but when I hit good it feels and sounds great.
Well I forgot all about this from last yr.. Long winters will do that.. hehe 
Ok thanks Mike and all.. I will give this the ole college try.. I was also thinking that this is what I was asking about in this thread.http://thesandtrap.com/t/76958/low-pitch-shot-that-checks-up-and-stops-how
If the Canadian dollar wasn't so crappy I'd seriously consider this.. Love it here
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