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How do I get 20% off of analyzer?
The other rope one is me looking for the nearest tree after shooting a 104... hehe
It's in that video..   Make a loop on a rope..................
The tennis ball drill is a good one as is the rope one..  Our season here is going to start up soon the weather is actually above normal.Haven't visited the site all that often got a lot of catching up to do..   Best golf site ever!!
Well my season is over so I'm going to do some drills during the looooooooooooooooooooong winter..
My driver has been working not too bad lately, I'm really concentrating on keeping my head still and hips forward and that seems to work well. I block it big time also which is probably because  I lose my hip slide and hang back. All in all it's getting better too bad it's the end of the season here, but I feel that this site has really helped look at my swing in a totally different way.     Thanks
Got mine yesterday can't wait to read it
Ok I tried it last round and my short irons were crisp.. But like the book says if your lag isn't there you'll struggle with longer irons which I am. Find it hard to get a divot with my long irons and FW woods. Driver I don't try it..
I tried getting the handle or hands ahead of the ball a few times and I shanked it every time. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but it's not easy thing for me to do..
Spieth and Mcdowell did it yesterday on the same hole. Miller said you have to pinch it good for this shot work..
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