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Jonathan Byrd did a few of these today, and I just watched a few of his swings. It's something I have to practice more I really like it much more control IMO.
It wasn't directed at you. 
This is a major derailment for this thread.... 
Great thread I was actually doing this the other day at my courts and it works well. Just have to keep my head from going forward to prevent pulls. Which btw I did not know about till I read this thread. That is why I'm a supporter great site with great info. :)
Did it today.. Told my friend who doesn't play our course much to stay left of the green.. What do I do put it right and almost impossible to put it close  25 feet downhill in thick ruff.. lol I practice this shot a lot and today it worked, open face 52 wedge chip stuck it by the pin..  :)
Well I've read this whole thread and I have to say it's helped me a lot. Especially doing one thing at a time, work on slide then work on  opening hips(when i remember to do it that is). Best thread IMO. ..
I really think that the open hips thing is what i'm not doing. I've been struggling off the tee hitting low snaps and I'm concentrating on getting my weight forward and head stiill. I will try this drill for sure thanks 5 guys :)
Not sure if I'm addressing the ball properly. I feel that I'm bumping at address but hard to tell how much I shud be bumping and also starting the BS properly to get in the right position at the top..
And here I have to eat crow his short game was awesome 
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