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Definite sandbagger.
 People (particularly women) often pick up the game later in life.  Nobody starts playing in a basketball league at age 55.  But the age of golfers doesn't worry me.  When I was a kid 30 years ago, I remember sports writers talking about baseball's imminent death, because of the ages of fans.  Here we are, a generation later, and MLB is the second richest sports league in the world, not all that far behind the NFL in revenues. The problem private clubs are facing has less...
Pretty much this.
 The guy is making cultural generalizations when he lives in Florida.
 I believe that's just the black course.   And I think he's nicknaming it 'backup Bethpage' because it takes forever to get a round in.
No, I understand what you mean.  That 97 I was talking about didn't panic me, as I felt that everything was still working.  Shooting that high made no sense.  Sometimes circumstances come together to produce a score that seems far higher or lower than it should be.  We tend to remember the former more than the latter.  
It's quite common.  I remember once on a trip to Myrtle I basically shot between 75-82 for the entire 10 days save for a 97.  I don't know what the hell happened that day.     Even single digit handicappers can suddenly get the shanks or smother hooks that lead to doubles and triples and ruin a round.  
 Dayam, I'm gonna need some salve for all these sick burns.
I have the same problem.  How I usually fix it and get back to the right follow through is to exaggerate a high finish.  This is obviously best done first on the range.   Practice holding the club face open toward the target through the ball as long as possible.  Make this the last part of your practice swing before hitting the ball.  Club still pointing at the target a good foot past the impact point.     This can obviously cause you to push and/or cut the ball.  But...
 It seems obvious she has developed a personal relationship with this player I've never heard of until today and it's affecting her judgement.  We need to get Dottie Pepper back in the game, screaming about choking freakin dogs.
New Posts  All Forums: