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EDIT--Oops.  I read it as Michelle, too.
So you're telling me there's a chance...
 Yes, you're right, it most definitely is you. Also, it's time to retire the phrase "bucket list."  The film with of the same name was so dreadful that every time I read the words I want to strangle a kitten.
 It said that Tiger Woods had requested to be the first off the tee on both Thursday and Friday morning so he wouldn't be on television.  My first thought actually was that Tiger would never request such a thing, but maybe his agent did.  I was all ready to ****ing roast Tiger for this if it was true, but of course it wasn't.  
Pardon the Interruption totally duped me with their fake Tiger Woods April Fool's story today.  I was like WTF IS GOING ON HERE.  Fell for it.
El's explanation makes total sense.  He's around rocks and water.  It's not like it's surprising that there is uneven ground.  Also, a depression behind the ball helps explain the backwards shot.  I've been in the situation before. I remember doing this just last summer, but my shot ended up in a bunker, not water.
 I've played the Nicklaus course.  It was excellent.  Very fair test.
I'm not close to retirement, but I have a lot of retired clients sprinkled throughout the country.  Based on their experiences, I would say that a big thing is don't let your golf habit get in the way of what kind of town/city you want to live in.  You may think golf is what you most want to do, but you're off the course far more hours than on the course.     Also, if you want good weather for golf throughout the winter, you'll have to go to Florida or some desert...
 Actually, San Francisco gets very little rain in May, averaging less than four days with measurable precipitation for the month with less than an inch of cumulative rainfall.  But fog could definitely be a problem, I suppose.  
This is a fantastic change.   For one, it does keep the golfers around for three rounds, so at least nobody has the risk of their work week ending by noon on Wednesday.   Secondly, it's more golfers and more golf on the weekend.  And I love the prime time finish.  When the weather gets nice here, I don't want to be locked up in a room watching golf at 3-6pm.  
New Posts  All Forums: