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Dustin Johnson looks good at those odds.  St. Andrews certainly favors somebody who can bomb the ball, he's in good form, and the slower greens could help mitigate his putting problems.   My dark horse pick is Ryan Palmer.
Rory McIlroy is not under contract with a team.  He is an independent contractor who plays golf.  I do not understand this pervasive public opinion that athletes should be using every waking second of their lives devoted to their craft.  I imagine if Jordan Spieth eats some sushi and gets food poisoning on the eve of his first round of the Open Championship, some jackwagon will climb out of his hole to criticize him about eating raw fish in Scotland.   Like when Tony...
 Actually, it is.  We can get political and I could explain why insider trading is basically another example of corporate/government partnership that disguises itself as regulation and 'protecting the little guy' while simultaneously ****ing you.  But I doubt you'd be interested and that's decidedly off topic. In the meantime, I'd point out that he was cleared.  But I do suspect that with your username you probably don't like Phil, since there seems to be some kind of...
I have no idea what some of you mean by Phil may not be 'as clean as people thought.'    The United States is one of--if not the most--backwards ass country of any of the liberal democracies.  Whether it's our drugs laws or gambling, we're always in the dark ages.  Phil likes to bet on sports, but can't do it in San Diego, because of our shitty laws.  So he hires somebody to facilitate his hobby, and that guy gets pinched, and somehow this reflects on Phil's character?...
The Deadspin staff answers the question, "Should you **** Tiger Woods?"   http://deadspin.com/should-you-****-tiger-woods-1715195286
 These are pretty much my thoughts.  There are enough factors that I can make a convincing argument for both based on numerous variables.  
 We got the rain check.  Then we had five hours to kill before the banquet and awards ceremony.  So we all went home first, since that part was at a location much closer to Pittsburgh.   The bad part of the rain check is that none of our foursome like this course (Indian Run in Avella) and wouldn't play there if we weren't participating in an outing to raise money for the social club and a couple charities.  So we all agreed that we'd play together, because trying to...
The tee shot on Palmetto 18 is about as easy as you can find.  Just enormous amounts of room.  But the approach is difficult.  The bunkers hug the green and it always seems to play a bit longer than you expect.  Nice hole.
Birdsfoot is a nice track.  Not too bad of a drive for me either.  Maybe 40 minutes.   I'm playing in an outing west of Pittsburgh tomorrow.  9am shotgun start.  But based on the forecast, both us are going to get soaked.
My initial reaction was (a) under hit, or (b) quick bad green bump to the left.    But after watching that vine, I think you can see a bit of turnover on the tip of the head, which leads me to believe it was a very slight pull.  And very slight pulls on fast greens result in misses from four feet.
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