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Doesn't matter if you're boring when you're as good as Spieth.  The guy has a good shot to win 10 majors.  You have that talent, be as boring as you want.
I've shot 74 four times, but only once on a Par 72 (Man O'War, Myrtle Beach).   I think my best round ever, however, was a 78 from the tips at Butlers Lakeside (Elizabeth PA) when I had a 9 on a Par 4, and an 8 on a Par 5.  Shot -2 on the other 16 holes.
Johnson bores the hell out of me, too, as I pointed out in a thread last week.  Although I don't root for him, I don't dislike him.  But it wasn't as if the playoff had a bunch of favorites.  I was sort of pulling for Leishman, what with what happened to his wife this year.  But the guys I was really cheering for just fell short of the playoff.
 That was a horrendous putt for a 16 handicap.
 To my recollection, the exact same as yours.  But I shot the 79 first.
At minimum a liter of water followed by four beers.
 I give up.
He's boring.  This was the most exciting clip of Zach Johnson ever.
 The way you are playing (based on my understanding of your game), is correct. It changes with match play.   EDIT--Explain your game more clearly.
New Posts  All Forums: