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 I thought they only had two picks nowadays. EDIT--Nevermind, I see that it's three.  Was it four recently?  I can't remember.  They keep trying new things to win, but really all they need is to play better.
Yes, this is what golf needs.  More exclusivity.       I'd prefer to be paired with golfers who swear and drink and tell stories.  That should be an option.     When I play with my friends, I'm free to call the golf ball names.  I strike that nine iron, and it starts to draw too much.... "Hold that line you f****** *****. Hit soft you c***.  Soft!"  GIR.  I'm happy.  Group is smiling.
He's 12th in the points right now.  I don't care if he qualifies or not, Watson should pick him.  Jimmie Walker is 2nd in the standings.  I'm sure the European team is quaking in their spikes over facing Jimmie Walker four times in the Ryder Cup.
  It was just an example.
Chamblee is, IMO, the best analyst in golf, but he does seem to get a bit carried away with his Tiger criticism.     I can't remember the stat, but sometime last year Tiger had the most top 10s or top 5s in majors since he won at Torrey Pines in 08.  This despite not having won any titles.  And, whenever he stays healthy, he inevitably takes over the No. 1 spot in the rankings.    If Tiger can stay healthy, I can assume, even based on the last six years, that he'll be...
 This is actually the best answer. I think most of are just assuming that it's more fun to hit a variety of clubs into greens, and scoring an 82 is more fun than an 89.
 I know that guy.  He's a good friend of my dads.  He plays in a senior group with them, tees it up from the golds and often shoots his age.   My dad suggested he move back, and the guy said he likes winning the skin money.
I have zero as well.  In fact, despite being a single digit handicapper for most of the past decade, I only have five damn eagles.  
For the first time, I'm putting it at less than 50%.  There's still time, though, for Tiger to have one more incredible three year run where he pockets four or five in quick succession, but dude can't stay healthy.  It's one thing that his game is off, it's another that he keeps having surgeries on stuff LIKE HIS BACK, and doesn't even play.
Tiger.  This is an odds question.  If I say Rory, then I'm basically saying he has more than a four times better chance of winning The Masters than Tiger has of winning any major.  You can adjust those odds a bit because there's only one more major before they tee it up in Augusta next April.
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