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Apparently she has a history of acting like an ass.
I don't mind a minimal dress code.    I never wear denim, always wear a collared shirt.  But, I don't tuck it in and use golf spike sandals.   At nicer country clubs, particularly when I'm a guest, I'll put away the sandals for shoes, tuck the shirt in, and avoid cargo shorts.  I don't really play that often in cargo shorts anyway.  I still don't get the insistence on Bermuda shorts, though.  Like there's a formal ****ing pair of shorts and cargos are just too casual. 
 He's an athlete in competition.  And he's not 13 years old.
 Don't worry, I pointed out some major things wrong with article for you. Anyway, despite his flaws, I'd say Tiger has done as much for the game of golf as anybody.  I don't see how this could even be in dispute.  I don't think his swearing is going to hurt the game, it's just rude.  I swear all the time, but if I get paired with strangers, I don't.  In a way, Tiger and other pros are playing with millions of strangers, so they should adjust their language.  But the in the...
He's going to be tired and distracted but you'd have to think that Harbour Town is made for his game.
 I don't remember if I had a sheet for the practice round.  But I do remember seeing a white board by the first tee with names and times on it.  It could have been that we just used that to find players.
 Good idea.  A mod must have fixed it for me.  I don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place.
Look at this gigantic piece of shit she wrote.  I mean, read this ****ing thing.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised, because when nationally known sports columnists write about golf (or mostly, just write) they're awful.  But this one is particularly bad. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/brennan/2015/04/12/jordan-spieth-changing-of-the-guard/25686819/ Some highlights:  First, if I also won, where's my goddamn check?  I'm about to buy a new car.  I could use...
Make sure you get a schedule of tee times.  I haven't been to a practice round since the 1994 US Open, so I don't know if they simply hand them to you at the gate or what.   Then, try to find a stretch of groups with players you want to see.  Then set up camp on a good hole right in front of those groups and just relax and watch them all come through.  This is a good way to avoid being three deep in a crowd following the most popular players.  If you time it right, you...
Man, this Ferguson guy.
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