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I don't like to play golf for big money (maybe a 10-10-10 nassau or something), but a lot of the guys I play with exchange as much as $400 in a round on betting.  And these guys are laughing, talking, getting high and drinking beer the entire round.  And giving their opponent the occasional three footer.  You can be both competitive and social.  These aren't mutually exclusive ideas.
 Bunkers are expensive and courses are cutting costs.  Using grass "bunkers" or mounding are ways that can lower maintenance overhead while still preserving a penalty for missing a green in the wrong spots.  This is a practical, economic decision many courses can make.  But wrap yourself in some golf purity shroud if you wish.  And take your meds.
 You off your meds or something?
 You can do both.  
You can ground your club in a grass "bunker" so yeah, that's not the correct term technically.  But we all know what that means colloquially.    Grass bunkers are a perfect alternative to expensive sand bunkers, but I wouldn't want them to replace them completely.  And you can keep grass bunkers at the level of the rest of the rough.  And they can still play very difficult, particularly if you're on the backside of one, or in the flat with a lot of height needed to land...
One other point about reducing/eliminating sand traps would be pace of play.   I don't want to be rid of sand traps, but the economic points are real.  One solution is to make more shallow bunkers, which are less penal and cheaper to maintain since they don't wash out as often.     BTW, the biggest change I've noticed since the golf slowdown is the rough.  Courses simply don't cut their rough as often.  Nowhere has this been more evident to me than Myrtle Beach.  Short...
Ask yourself these questions:  Would you rather play golf alone, or with others?  Would you rather play golf with strangers, or with friends/family?   If you answered the latter to either question, it's a social sport for you.
This show is terrible.  Nothing can rescue it, save for a complete gutting of the cast and much of the format.  My previous thoughts when it was announced that Holly Sonders was leaving:   
I voted 4-4 1/2 because that's the typical length of my rounds.  I was in Myrtle last week, and the courses were booked solid.  I don't remember it being like this for a long time in the summer.     If play is fairly open, then it simply depends on my foursome.  One thing is for certain, and that is not enough people play ready golf.  I mean, so what if one of your playing partners is fifteen yards behind you across the fairway?  If he's not already in his preshot...
 Because I'm better at them than other golfers of my skill level.
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