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 I'll take Phil and Tiger's sample size, Walker's form or not.  Anyway, it isn't a question of whether or not to take Good Times or one of the two best players of this generation.  Walker's making the team.  
Rocco Mediate is no longer a tour member, so I can't count him, I guess.   Phil, Keegan Bradley, Miguel Angel Jimenez.  Anybody who smokes as much, drinks as much, doesn't work out, and plays as well as MAJ is good in my book.  If he's not a tour member, I'll take Rory.   I don't know who my three least favorite players are.  Whoever talks to much about their right-wing Christian nonsense.
 So this is lazy muni's not marking their hazards.  
 Forgot to add that it was pretty significantly downhill on the drive.   Whatever.  I'm claiming my 335 yd drive.
 Interesting.   Sort of leaves this one up in the air then.
I was over a 583 yard Par 5 in two.  I'm not really a big hitter.  Now, I cut the corner on the drive.  And I had some wind help.  And it was firm.  And I crushed it.  Measured it on the google classic at about 335 off the tee.  That left me 210 to the pin and I proceeded to smoke a 5 wood over.  Chunky chip.  Lipped out birdie.  Damn par.
Got into a discussion on the course today, not sure who is right.   Par 4, trees and and a lake down the left.  However, there is some thick undergrowth before the water.  It is not staked.  A guy in our foursome asked me what the rule would be there, because I work for the USGA.  At least this guy thinks I do.   My thoughts were that if the ball goes into the underbrush and cannot be found, it is a lost ball.  He said, "But there's a lake there."   I think that you...
Which Grand Dunes?  The club or the resort course?  I know it says club but I've seen the resort course spelled that way.    Either way, I'd play King's North.  Both are fantastic tracks, though.   Look into getting a Myrtle Beach Golf Passport.  Check out these rates:   http://www.myrtlebeachgolfpassport.com/specials/
Lots of private clubs have a hole-in-one fund.  Basically, you pay, I don't know, $5/month.  If anyone makes a hole-in-one in the club you get a free drink.  And if you get the hole-in-one you're not obligated to spend hundreds for every douche bag in the bar after the round.
I've holed out from 70, 89, 103, and 145 yards.  One for birdie, heh.  So I guess it's just a matter of holing out from distance on the right hole.
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