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Professional athletes almost all want to win.  The amount that don't care is miniscule.  A better description for guys like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan is that they hate to lose more than anyone else.     I've largely liked Norman over the years but sometimes he says some dumbass things.  
  Skip Bayless is on the forum!
"Players these days are content with top 20 finishes over wins.  I was content with runner-ups over wins."   --Greg Norman
My buddy somehow managed to drive one almost 90 degrees right off the first tee into a parking lot.  The ball ping ponged off a number of cars and somehow made it through the parking lot into some rough that was in play.  His ball had two different color car paints on it.
 Ha. I usually have 2-4 cold ones when I play.  But I'd say that most of my playing partners don't drink at all. I played in a scramble last June and a playing partner forgot the scorecard.  They were all worried because they thought we would be out of the skins game and we had a shot with an eagle.  No worries, I said, I remember every shot on every hole.  They challenged me on this and I asked them to name a hole and I told them all exactly what they did (couldn't name...
Friends of mine are seemingly amazed that I can not only remember every shot in a round, but the distance, club, wind direction, lie, green break, etc.  And I often can do this for multiple rounds for a month or two before they fade from memory.  Sometimes on particularly good holes or rounds, this memory lasts for years.  They think I'm some kind of weirdo savant about this, but I don't think it's uncommon for some golfers at all.   Are you like this?
Blackhawk GC in Chippewa, PA.  A cheap 36 hole muni.  Largely lousy course but not bad for it's low price tag compared to others in that range.   One of the nines is next to a road.  Playing partner shanks a drive and it deflects off one car and hits another.  The first car's driver was a Priest.  The second a state trooper.
 I've played Oakmont before, and yes, they are that fast.  It's incredible.  However, I would say that I don't recall having an "unfair" putt.  You can find one on the putting green, but I don't recall ever having such a thing on the course. I've putted well there and tallied 40, so that gives you an idea. I wouldn't want to belong, actually, unless I was worth a shit ton of cash.  And, I'm not.  It's a little stuffy (as are many CC's) and the golf test is exhausting.  I...
I won't say in what capacity, but he's a fairly important employee there.  And you know what that means?   I can play for free (so long as I'm with him) on Mondays.  I've told him that we are hitting the range as soon as the weather breaks.  He's going to start to become a regular golfer whether he likes it or not.
The Europeans have dominated for so long (even eclipsing my favorite golf moment, the 99 Ryder Cup by having larger comeback on American soil) that I think it's well past the point of statistical variance.  I'm guessing, but I think the reason is that the Americans play too tight.   It always seems to me that American captains get the team together to watch Rudy or some shit on Thursday night, then bring in people like George Bush and Michael Jordan to speak.  Meanwhile...
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