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Dan Jenkins needs to be put out to pasture.  But not until after he's been horse whipped.
Enormous amount of tight asses on this forum.
Carry all you want, I don't care.  I'm not one to restrict gun rights, even if I don't own one.   But gun dudes are hilariously annoying.  We've got enormous issues in this country and gun guys are constantly worried about Barry Obama appearing on their doorstep and taking their guns.  Meanwhile, we get robbed by thugs in suits on TV every day.   My favorite statistic about gun ownership is the person most likely to be shot by the gun is the owner.  Whether it's...
BTW, we took the cross Virginia route and avoided DC, yet it still took 9 hours to get there.  I mean, I can make it from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach in 10 hours.  64 is a ****ing nightmare.  And Norfolk's restaurants are like shut down by 10pm on a Friday?  This is like the Outer Banks.  Boooring.   Anyway, I did get to sleep in a guest house by myself because my buddy's girlfriend is rich.  Like, not wealthy.  But rich.  Like her family is worth $300 million rich.
We ended up playing Norfolk News Golf Club at Deer Run, as suggested.  The greens were fine but the course was a bit baked out, which seems odd for May.  Lot of tight lies that my buddy (an occasional golfer who bombs the ball and could be pretty good if he had the time to play & practice) had real trouble with.     I didn't love the layout from the tee.  Several holes where driver was taken out of my hand.  Even a solid length par 4 (#14) which had a mild left to right...
Not that it matters, but it was Flavor Aid, not Kool Aid.    I always imagine some Kool Aid sales rep who loses his shit every time somebody uses the phrase "Don't drink the Kool Aid."
 The Daily Mail is almost as awful as this analogy.
 The FedEx Cup is simply unworkable as a legitimate sports contest.  Reward too much for the 'regular season' and it becomes anti-climatic.  Reward too much for the 'postseason' and it seems ridiculous to give one hot golfer what is supposed to be a season long award.  Also, four tournaments is a lot to require of your players after all the WGC, Majors, and big tour events everybody wants to play.   I'm not sure of a solution.  I'd have to think about it.  Of course, it...
 Also, sports are generally a meritocracy.  You win the most on tour, you get the most prize money.  You're the best QB, you get your $20mm/yr contract.  But endorsements are different.  Re:  Johnny Football, RG3, Tim Tebow, and Rickie Fowler the last several years.  And the athletes really take that personally, for some unknown yet surely dumb reason.
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