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1. Jason Dufner (-5) 2. Fredrik Jacobson (-5) 3. Brendan Jones (-5)
Hunter Mahan E Paul Casey E Mark Wilson E
  Yeah, absolutely. For those who didn't hear the interview, here are the relevant snippets (which don't convey Every's frequent pausing and shifting body language):     On Hawaii: “This is really just like South Florida or Puerto Rico.”   On being arrested for drug charges and suspended from the PGA Tour for three months: “It was all right. I just got three months off; it’s just golf. I don’t think I was doing anything wrong. But, you know, it happened, I’m the same...
Well, based on his comments in this article, he's going to struggle to win Open Championships and other majors played in foul weather. Guy not only admits that he's a bad wind player, but also seems not at all keen on getting better. 
    Craig Wood, 1941 Masters and US Open is the only example that comes to mind.   I agree with you about Rory: he'll play solidly here (top 10) before winning in Atlanta. PGA likely will have conditions similar to Congressional.    
Quick question: does anyone know what happened with Jacobson's tee shot on 15? I was standing behind the green and it seemed as if he nearly skulled it into the pond right in front of the tee; the ball, coming in super low, just landed on the fairway and then rolled 100 or so yards to about 40 yards short of the green. (He would par.)
OK, Let's review. No. I shot 161 to finish (I think) 14th. Had 6 birdies over the 36 holes but also 5 doubles and a triple -- kinda the opposite of my usual game. I did win $75 in a Skins competition we held based on our hole-by-hole scores, however, so it wasn't all bad. 1/2. I got much longer off the tee during the summer (up to 240 with the driver, and much longer with the irons, too) but regressed this fall during the college golf season. Yes. Shot 157 and 159 in...
Woods, Z. Johnson, Cink, Fowler.
What course is this? That hole looks awesome.
From Phil's post-round interview: Q. What was it about Pebble Beach today that was so difficult that nobody was able to sink their teeth in and shoot a 66? PHIL MICKELSON: I'm not really sure. I kind of know, but I would rather not get into it. It just doesn't sound good. I mean it was just tough. It was a tough day on the golf course. Do you think Phil was referring to the bumpiness of the greens or something else?
New Posts  All Forums: