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Could you send out a "demo" analysis to show us what we'd be getting (and also demonstrate the proper camera positions, etc.)?
This is the place for your thoughts on the AT&T. Looks like David Duval might have his annual top 10 here this year -- he's six under through 14 and tied for the lead. Or might he fade away quietly after a good first round for the second straight week?
How about this scenario -- 4 player tournament, 3 rounds long, repairing after each round into twosomes. Round 1: Player A: 69. Player B: 69. Player C: 71. Player D: 84. So in round 2, A and B play in the last pairing, C and D in front of them. C comes in with a 65 (and D with a 90 or something ). A and B each shoot 70. Now the scores are as follows: Player C: 136. Player A: 139. Player B: 139 Player D: 174 (?). Obviously C plays in the final twosome. How do we...
Yeah, his 3-putt on the 72nd hole at Turnberry last year was awful; the second putt, a 7-footer to tie, wasn't even close. He also babied that putt to tie on the 72nd at Torrey Pines in 2008 -- it wasn't quite left short, but it crossed beneath the hole about three feet too early.
There are probably several other reasons:-- TOUR events need to finish on time. If the US Open finishes on Tuesday, no one is going to get upset and slander the USGA; if some regular event finishes late, grumpy players make the tournament and the TOUR itself look bad. Lift, clean, and place facilitates play on days that might otherwise be washed out; it also speeds the pace of play, possibly preventing an early Monday finish.-- TOUR events want lower scores. Sure, a...
One Sunday morning, playing as a single, I joined up with a husband and wife. After introducing herself, the wife asked me, "Why aren't you in church?" (In response, I told her I was Jewish, which is half-true.) Not the best ice-breaker IMO. I'm an agnostic who sides with atheists. I don't concentrate on personal beliefs; I focus on more practical things, set my own standards, take responsibility for my own successes and failures.
Wow, you totally missed Zeg's sarcasm. He's saying that you unjustifiably limited the options to A, B, and C when many other possibilities exist -- for instance, that you're the one "burying your head in the sand" and "just dumb," to quote your choices B and C.
Phil's playing the Ping wedge to prove a point (i.e., to embarrass the USGA) recalls his actions during the 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs. At the time, since the point system wasn't volatile, you could skip an playoff event and lose little ground in the standings (assuming you were in the top ten or so). In fact, Tiger skipped the first event -- yet comfortably won the Cup. Anyway, after conquering Tiger (and the field) in the second event, the Deutsche Bank Championship, Phil...
Yeah, but — as Erik said — the analogy sucks. That isn’t close to what’s happening now. No one is breaking the rules — if anyone were, he’d be disqualified. There’s a loophole and players are taking advantage of it. What you’re really saying is that they’re breaking “the spirit of the rules”: If X is “cheating the game,” then anyone who performs activity X is a “cheater of the game,” i.e., he “cheats the game.” If you don’t mean cheating — which is obviously a loaded...
From ESPN, this update from Scott McCarron: Uhh, sorry Scott. If activity X is [verb]ing, then one who performs activity X is a [verb]er. You may not have directly called Mickelson a "cheater" -- but you sure implied it by calling his actions "cheating." So please, please shut up.
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