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I go to one here in DFW every couple of weeks.  We've had a few work outings there as well.  They have a phone app that lets you track your score history, against everyone there that day, change the TV station in your bay, etc etc.  Food and drinks aren't any more than most restaurants.  They have 8 week leagues with prizes that are always running, kid camps in the summer, and all kinds of other promos.   We've taken people from work that have never swung a club in their...
Some more of my favs that haven't been mentioned:   Nice lay-up (after any shank/flub/etc)   Good spot to come in from   No pressure (putts to win or cancel a skin, tester for par, etc)
 Thurman Munson - a dead yank
Got mine in the mail today.... Thanks!
North Hills in Corry, PA and Overlake in Girard, PA were always on the nicer side of public courses that I've played.  Haven't been up there to play either in about 7 years or so though.
This is pretty much me except chocked down about an inch.   I'd rather be 110 away with the 56*.  I only hit my 60* about 75, 80 yds max comfortably, so there's a small gap inside 100 where I'm kinda in between clubs.  I don't hit my less than full swings well at all anymore.  Should probably work on that though.
My favorite bang for the buck ball for a couple years has been the Lynx Black Cats.  Can always get them at $10 per dozen, but I try to stock up when they go for 3 dozen for $25.  They're not rock hard and feel pretty decent around the green and putting, and seem to be one of the softer "distance" balls that I've used.   Edit - just checked, they're 4 dozen for $30.  Guess I'll be ordering a few tonight.
Sooo..... since schach23's question seems to be answered to his satisfaction.... and my question is kinda along the same lines as his, but slightly different - i hope he doesn't mind the hijack.   (Mods, please move to a new thread if need be,...thanks)   I've been playing early 90's Lynx Parallax irons since I got them new as demos in 1992 as a 14 yr old and had them re-shafted and re-gripped around 2003 -ish.  I've never kept an official handicap, but don't score as...
I only play about 6-10 rounds per year, but I love my SkyDroid app.  It's GPS and only costs $1.99.  On top of the GPS, it also lets you track all kinds of stats, including putts, fwy%, gir, drive distance, shape & playability, avg drive distance, penalties, sand saves and tons of other things.  It's not all that time consuming to fill out either, it has a pretty slick interface that lets you enter everything in about the same time it would take to fill out a scorecard.
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