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Welcome indeed, and may you enjoy good health in the future
Rickie Fowler was fanastic in all 4 majors in 2014: He has just become only the third player to finish Top 5 in all 4 majors in a calender year - the other two being Tiger and Jack; plus, he is the only player with 4 top 5's without a win. He is no fluke and he certainly is no flash the pan. If he continues to give himself the scoring chances like he has done the past few months, there will be majors coming his way. I can not say the same about Sergio, impressive as he has...
Welcome Fred!
Welcome Cody!
Great country, and great for golf too. I live in Johannesburg.
Hallo Paul,   Hartlik welkom by die Sandtrap! Ek is Afrikaans van Suid-Afrika en my taal stam van Nederlands af. Mooi bly!
Welcome Charles!
Welcome Hari! Enjoy your stay here
Quality over Quantity - I rather hit 90 balls (at my range 2 x buckets), with all 13 clubs and use a full 90 minutes, than try to hit 200 balls in 45 minutes.   But I try to make every shot count; checking fundamentals before every shot, picking a spot exactly where I want to hit it and step away from the bucket for a few seconds after every shot. I do this four times a week. On the other three days I play full rounds, one of which is a practice round by myself where I...
Welcome Alun! Enjoy your stay here
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