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Mizuno F60 3 wood, bought yesterday and played today. Results, so far, are very good.
I noticed the same thing, I even paused the clip when his club impacted teh ball. I thought I was seeing things. I do like his tempo, very smooth swing.
Boston Terrier, aka the American Gentleman. These dogs are fantastic house dogs, very fun to have around. Here is Baxter:
I would suggest Ping S58 irons.
I just bought 2 dozen TP Black, they were on sale for 24.99 per at Pro Golf Discount. They seem to be a great ball for this sale price, I believe they are considered a premium ball and play similiar to a V1x. I don't know if TM is coming out with new '08 balls, but I may even go buy another box or two at these prices. Btw, I see you play the AD333, this is my gamer if I have to pay retail as I find it a great all around ball.
When I hit one of my hybrids, I am not trying to shape a shot. I am trying to put the ball down the fairway, either off a tee or off the deck on par 5s and longer par 4s. Until I can consistently hit an iron as well and as easy, the 18 and 21 degree hybrid are staying in the bag.
Thanks. I am curious as to how the new cover feels and holds up. For me, the old version was a great ball. I have used the e5 and even the occasional sleeve of B330, I liked it them, but I just have not ever had any luck with Bridgestone durability. They just seem to scuff very easy for me, maybe I should try them again as others have suggested them as well.
Just as the title asked, has anyone tried the new version? I was a big fan of the old AD333 and it was my gamer until they became scarce in my area. I was thinking of trying the latest version but wanted to see if anyone had any experience first. Thanks.
I just wanted to share my thoughts on my new Ping S58s which replaced my three year old G2s. Truth be told, I just wanted something different than the large cavity backs. My tour wedges are my favorite club, the S58model looked and felt the most similiar so I went with them. I consider myself an average ballstriker, my misses are usually hooks (I am right handed). Driver, course management and then maybe putting are my biggest challenge. I don't know if I was...
Ping Z-Z65s.
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