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What happens if you pull the flag out to putt out the hole and the ball drops in?
Bit of a long story but I'll forever be proud of this. Par 5 9th hole. Happened Toward the end of the day, my pal and I were the last two on the course. I'd only been playing for a little over a year at this point and my best scores were prob high 90s. I drove the ball beautifully in the fairway, a huge rarity even to this day, and had about 210 to the green. My buddy makes his second swing and on come the fairway sprinklers. They're about 50 yds from the green and behind...
Yesterday: Played 9 & shot a 47(par 36). 4 pars, 4 doubles and 1 triple... Only 3 putted once (for double) . hit my second shot on #2 way long & OB which led to the triple. One of my best ball striking days this year.
Driver. I'm usually wild(98%) I'm talking low hooks OB, bombs pushed way right, usually OB too. Including sky shots to worm burners. I really think I'm just over swinging. ..though the times I do get lucky and stripe it are a thing a beauty :)
Cleveland Smart Square for me. I really like the alignment aid & get a great roll of the ball.
Walked & shot 49 for the front at Cedar Ridge I started double, triple, triple... It's too bad I wasn't playing baseball. Birdied a short par 3 from the fringe and felt so good about it I 3 putted the next hole. Golf is a funny game
910D2 910F (19*) TM RBZ2 3H TM Burner 2.0 4,7,8,9 Top Flite Tour 56* Cleveland Smart Square putter -where's the 5,6,PW you ask? Well 5&PW decided they no longer wish to be attached to their shafts and went whizzing down the range... and the 6 is beginning to separate at the hosel (time for new irons maybe?? :D )
Played 9. Shot a 50. Had 3 pars, didn't hit a single GIR but I only had 14 putts. The score of 7 on dogleg right #4 and the 8 on a 120 yd par 3 killed me. SMH but it's okay, lots of positives today.
I'm an inconsistent ball striker but I've recorded "rough" distances (more times than not) on the range. There have been times where I've hit the ball about 205 with my 6i but it's very rare. Carry distance: D:275-280 3W: 250 5w: 235 4i: 215 5i: 200 6i: 185 7i: 175 - this one I know is 100%. love the 7. 8i: 160 9i: 150 Pw: 135 52*: 120 56*: 100
What in the hell... I know I was just in the "how far do you hit it, and don't lie" thread Failed on this one hahaha
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