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I'm righty Driver- instep of left (front) foot woods -approx 1 ball further back than driver 3Hybrid & 4-6 - middle 7-wedges - instep of right (back) foot fwiw: Keeping the ball back helps me because I'm tall
Besides Michigan lost again lolz
Yep I agree. They seemed really unorganized throuout and the whole timeout ordeal just made laugh.. Although I'll never understand how the review team wasnt able to overturn the Hackenberg INT early on.All in all I'm glad the Big10 had a great showing on nat'l TV. Been getting a lot of disrespect lately
Couldn't agree more. Except about taking the win..I'm a PSU fan and that was a heck of a game... How bad were the refs tonight tho...not in terms of for/against either team, but just in general
82 I got in 16 holes after work today... I was racing the sunset and had to skip two par 4s on the back 9 Could have been the day I officially broke 90!
I have a 14 way divider.. But only carry 9 clubs (until I get a new set). So it goes like this: D,-,4i 5w,-,7i -,-,8i,9i -,PW,SW Putter
Bahaha oh I know too well. Good luck with that one
I have one and it's great. Pockets are huge and the bag itself is well made; I use to carry and while riding. Perfect for both. Mine has gone through a full season now and i have no issues at all
97. Had a a few lost balls due to some pretty ugly hooks w/ the driver but the irons are really coming around. I'm using the Hole19 app here. I don't have a handicap so pay no attention to that
68.0/116 I actually had a pretty good day striking the ball. The penalty on 2 was a pure shank OB from
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