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My plan is to change course each week.  We're running a 10 week league and we'll use the first five weeks' scores to create the handicap. I'm just trying to find a good way to calculate 20-30 handicaps easily and I figured having a spreadsheet that I could quickly plug weekly scores into would help.   I also thought about rotating game types. We have FSG simulators and it can automatically keep scores for all kinds of game types: stroke, stableford, nassau, and a bunch of...
David... I recently opened up an indoor golf center in WA and we are going to start our first golf league.  I'm trying to find an spreadsheet that I can use to calculate everyone's handicaps.  This will be the first time I've administered a golf league so I'm learning as I go here.     Any tips or tricks for me?
Hi there... would you be willing to send me the excel spreadsheet as well?  Thank you!  slevy53@live.com
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