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I love the Pizza Ranch.... When I head home to North Dakota the Ranch is a must stop. The only question is pizza or chicken.
I look forward to reading the updates here. Custom fit clubs are on my wish list.
My hunting season was rough.... I was at full draw on a 130" nice buck but let him walk because I had seen lots of 150-170" deer. I saw them again but never within my bow range. Ohhhh well
My hunting season is over and I am ready for some warmer golfing weather. My wife and I are in the process of moving to Avon In and I am looking forward to trying some new courses.
I plan on talking with my surgeon on my follow up appointment in two weeks and will follow her recommendations and that is why I am looking for a 'very rough eta' off of personal experience. I am very aware each case can be unique.
Just wondering if anyone on here has had their gallbladder removed. I had out patient surgery yesterday and am trying to get a very rough eta of how long I will be out of golf commission.
I never count score until I am all done. On Saturday i shot a 47 on the front and the guy I was playing with told me where i stood. Shot a 54 on the back.
Played a new course today. Cedarbrook red course. I shot a 47-54 for a 101. Couple snowmen prevented me from posting my first
Wow, rough outing last night.... 6 penalty shots and a final score of 58....  Brutal
Shot a 52 while having a real off night. I am glad my off nights are 52's and not 58-60's now. Going to play 18 this weekend.
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