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Congrats on breaking 100 again... Also, love the pic!
Practiced chipping into an umbrella... Worked on having ball resting really high in the rough and buried deep.
Nice round!
Hi am in... Today I worked on chipping in the yard. I have broken ribs and can not do a full swing. I worked on form, keeping weight forward and keeping my hands soft. Any suggestions on threads to find drills to work on throughout the month?
I have only played golf regularly for the last couple of years but by far my favorite aspect of the game is the social aspect. I like how indexes can level the playing field and make it fun each time out. The guy I love playing with the most is my father-in-law. I could play with him daily and never get sick of it. Our personalities just click and we have a blast. I am pretty pumped, my brother in law just bought a set of clubs and plans on playing with us and he is one...
I love traveling for work. I have over 50 overnight stays so far this year and the big thing is prioritizing your time when home. One of the big possitives is I have so many hotel honor points I never have paid for a hotel when vacationing. Your spouse has to be on board though. I would not sacrifice that, if it ever compromised my marriage I would find a new job in a heart beat.
I am very happy with my progress. I am not respectable yet, but I am closer. For example, I just shot a 104 on a really tough course I shot 117 on last year. Most of you would cringe at a 104 but I am pretty pumped
So close to respectable golf(relatively speaking).
I was able to score my first birdie. I was inches away from an eagle. I shot a 104 at a very tough Blackstone course outside of Chicago.
It's amazing how many strokes I leave out there in that range.
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