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This great advice. I now have the attitude that I do not want any strokes on my score where I did not get to swing.
Great job cupcakis!
I shot a 48 this week. I am so close to breaking this. Cracked ribs had me out for 3 weeks or I think I would have done it by now.
Question for the Gurus out there. Any noticeable differences between the Calloway Super Soft vs Nike PD Softs? The Nikes are about $5 a dozen cheaper but have liked using the SuperSofts
Bummer... My streak ended today. Was shipped out of town on short notice and missed practice.
Worked on putting in the living room and worked on the full swing with the driver in the yard.
Sunday wedge work in the yard Monday full swing practice with 3 wood and hybrids. Keeping arm tucked
Friday..getting my weight forward on swing Saturday - small bucket of balls with three wood
In another hotel room....worked on grip(holding a bird) and putting set up/swings
I spent 10 minutes putting in my hotel room
New Posts  All Forums: