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Where were you able to get it at that price.... Seems like a pretty good deal.
I will talk with the course pro about the men's league and feel him out. I think it would be fun but want to make sure not to get into a situation that is tense for everyone. One other concern I have is being a newbie my handicap index will fluxuate and I don't want to get into the drama of being called a sandbagger if I actually put together a decent round. I have looked and could even just look at using 80% of my index or something like that.
I have looked at the men's club but I am nervous to join due to my handicap. I am newer to golf and want to make sure everyday players don't have to put up with me.
Do any of you have just walking memberships? I know that restricts the amount one can golf but I was wondering how often you are able to get out? My job is flexible so I could go out super early some mornings or play most evenings.
Nice round and you know where you are leaving strokes out there. Good luck at school.
lThe league question is one I want to get figured out before I commit. I know as a walker Saturday and Sunday mornings are not really a good option but even getting swings in on the 9 hole par three course may be an option during these busier times.
I am not sure how long the Indy golf season is but my schedule is flexible enough that I should get plenty of opportunities.
Southern Dunes down southwest of the city... I am just in my second year of golfing and I am willing to shoot for quantity over quality of availability right now. Their clubhouse actually looks really nice and reviews of the course were decent.
I am not sure how many they are going to sell. That is my thought, the range alone will pay for it self. My goal for the end of the 2015 season is to average in the 90s. I doubt I will get board and think this is a great opportunity to get lots of swings in.
I am just moving to Indy so I know little about the course. I will be able to play early in the mornings or in the evening. I drove by the course and it looked good but you never know. But for a person who is just starting I think even if the course is not perfect getting to play often is huge.
New Posts  All Forums: