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Ouch, I shot a 117 yesterday, pretty rough. I walked a difficult course with big elevation changes. It was a pretty wooded course but only had one lost ball. I was playing with my father in law which was fun but I was trying to hard.
I will not get to play until tomorrow night. Busy week of work.I am awful in the sand...also great par... I am not even brave enough to hit a 3 iron
Congrats on the no lost balls.
I agree Moppy... it is frustrating when a club comes and goes like that.
How did the round go Bridge?
I went to high school with D.A. Points. He is a real good guy and really down to earth. It was a very large high school in Illinois but everyone liked him because he was so nice to everyone. He was a pretty good basketball player too.
I am not sure how to post links from my tablet but if you get a chance check out the breaking bad thread..... It is full of a bunch us newbies who are striving for a reputable game. Welcome to the site and good luck on your journey.
I had not heard about the blade 6I approach. Is that because it is not a forgiving club?
Keep eliminating the penalty shots.... I am slowly lowering mine. I hate counting strokes where I did not get to swing. Also, how many high risk shots are you taking? It is amazing how punching out or laying up lowers ones score.
Great advice Pirate... I really like my instructor and plan on doing another group of three lessons later this summer. They have been very helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: