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Jesus theres no possible way to compare the two jack did his thing in his time. Tigers doing his now. Unless you have a time machine no one will ever know. Although tiger himself wont think hes better till he has more masters. Its all opinions although I'd sure love to watch it. My guess only having seen tiger play and only film of jack in their prime id take tiger by a stroke maybe two.
I figured it out I think, I was making it was to hard. For some reason with the big bertha I naturally closed the face. So to adjust I just closed the fade at address. Thanks for all the advice though guys. Im still going to get it fitted though.
My buddy was telling me the same thing. Im going to play a round tomorrow and if it is still all over the place I may do just that. Maybe I wasn't ready for stiff or im just trying to swing to hard and its throwing off my mechanics. I might just buy the old one back, and keep both although im sure the wife wont like that idea lol.
Lake of the ozarks.
I might take the rbz but sadly traded in the bb diablo.
The rbz seems to be higher. My miss hits are slicing.
So I just got back into golf about 3 months ago. Bought a used set from a pawnshop (96 big bertha firm flex ping ib60 and a taylormade r540). After a few rounds and driving range experiments I decided to upgrade. I traded the r540 and bought a big bertha diablo reg flex ( I decided size mattered). After a few driving range adventures and a few rounds I was hitting it out to 250 with a rollout and sometimes 250 rolling to 275. Well yesterday it clicked I gotin a grove...
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