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Only know that for my 7 iron from when I had my fitting for my clubs 175-180 yards consistent with a club head speed of 88-90 mph
Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl iron set 4-pw from american golf
I like cleveland I got a set of the cg7 black pearl irons but the only reason I was asking about the driver and woods because of the low prices on them
I dunno what happened there with it posting so many times it said there was something up with the server but I sorry for asking for peoples thoughts on a club
I did search for this on the forum but couldn't find much. But I was wondering if any of you lot have had or tried one out and if so would you recommend it ? Thanks for any input in advance
New member here from sunny bristol .Just got back into golf after a 16 year gap never really giving a handicap but a rough guess that I was given all that time ago was about 20 @ the age of 11-12 so might be better or worse probably the latter hahah but just want to say a big hello to every one
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