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Ordered 5 dozen boxes of Vice tour golf balls. So far really impressed with them
I just bought a set of cleveland CG 1 full blade's i know there 10 years old great clubs but i have set of mcgregors RD's that i would be playing but they need reshaffting as they was cut down when i was a kid but i would still play them now
Best shot for me this week was on the 3 hole par 4 at my local. Elevated tee down in a tight dog leg left lots of trees running both side of the fairway up to a elevated green. Driver off the tee 240-250 yard but sliced into the trees on the right hand side. Manged to find my ball it was on dry mud on a down hill lie with a gap in the trees right at the pin. The branches from the trees where about 3-4 foot from the ground. Pulled out my DHY 21 degree took a good swing at...
The best shot i hit so far this season was a few weeks ago. Was on a par 4 slight dog leg right OB going part of the way up on the right . 3 wood off the tee about 230-240 yard in the ruff on the left hand side. Got to the ball was down in the ruff uphill lie 2 trees one right one left with the left one guarding the green. Went to hit a draw throught the gap total mis hit low punch type draw only to find it at the back of the green about 15 foot and two putt for par was...
Titleist DT solo is a nice ball to use so much better than the cheap dunlop dhh ball i was using i am also i 20+ handicap
Only know that for my 7 iron from when I had my fitting for my clubs 175-180 yards consistent with a club head speed of 88-90 mph
Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl iron set 4-pw from american golf
I like cleveland I got a set of the cg7 black pearl irons but the only reason I was asking about the driver and woods because of the low prices on them
I dunno what happened there with it posting so many times it said there was something up with the server but I sorry for asking for peoples thoughts on a club
I did search for this on the forum but couldn't find much. But I was wondering if any of you lot have had or tried one out and if so would you recommend it ? Thanks for any input in advance
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