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I currently play with Callaway xhot irons and they are good, but my dad is starting to get back into the game and is going to take them and I will be upgrading. This post is for suggestions on clubs to try that are still a little forgiving but a upgrade from a GI iron like the shot. My average score is around 90. 
Have you tried the leupold PinCaddie? 
So im looking to invest in a range finder in the near future, I figure from what I have read online and the reviews and such that the bushnell is one of the best but I don't want to spend $300. Any other brands that make a good accurate rangefinder that I could pick up used for maybe $100-150, like $200 at the highest?
Looks like a good site, gonna have to check that out forsure 
Any apps you would recommend?
What is the best way to figure out your distances correctly with your clubs. When on the range I will hit say a 7i 160ish then I can get on the course and throw it behind the green. Is hitting into a simulator accurate? Or is there a better way to try and get all my distances in check
Has anyone every purchased refurbished balls before, if so how did they play compared to new ones? I'm asking this question because I saw at a local store boxes of refurbished pro v1 and v1x for $25 a box. If anyone has tried these out let me know what you thought about them. 
Other than not being able to consistently not being able to control the drives, how do you like the 910? i was looking into piking one up. To answer your question, I've hit a lot of TM drivers and they all are nice and pretty forgiving, I would also look into the Ping G20 and G25, deppending on how much your looking to spend. 
That's pretty much what I have been doing. I've been using a hybrid and 5W off the tee and its to a point now where I need more distance off the tee than those clubs are giving me for the long par 4's and the par 5's where a driver can help me make up a stoke on getting to the green. 
Does anyone use or have tried this ball? It caught my eye at the store the other day, but I'm not sure if I want to make a switch. I'm going to buy a box to try, just looking for some feedback on the ball before I do. 
New Posts  All Forums: