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Thanks guys!!
Oops. I totally didn't mention ideas looking at iron sets. Still go with the burner 2.0 irons with stock stiff shafts? I just don't want to buy just because they are a good price at $299 but I feel like they are a great set for the money and I am just not sure the new models are that much better. Thanks
Hey guys, Newbie here on the forums but not new to golf. Looking to upgrade my old TM Rac HT. Recently the TM burner 2.0 has been what looks like closeout prices new for $299. I hit them and liked them in the simulator but just wondering if they are old technology and should look more and obviously pay more for the newer technology TM Rbladez or Speedblade. I like the price point for the burner 2.0 but for $200 more I could get the Rbladez. Thoughts? Scott
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