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Hey man, it can get pretty hot out there on the golf course
I like to think I would, as I watched golf prior to actually picking up the game for myself.  However, if I did not play regularly, my interest in the sport at a higher level would be significantly decreased.     My main reasoning with the difference in interest is the appreciation for the difficulty of the game and how high a level the pros actually play at. When you play the game, and you see a pro stick it within 5 feet from the rough 180 yards away, you sit in awe at...
I struggle with slowing down on my next shot after a poor one.  For some reason, I feel inclined to get to the ball and slap at it as soon as possible when I duff a shot.  The most "low hanging fruit" I've noticed in blow up holes is just to relax and think through your second or third shot from the rough/sand/behind-a-tree.  It's allowed me to turn the quadruple bogies into just bogies 
You are more modest than I, I would have bragged about it for days, despite what tee's I shot from
I guess mentally I would prefer to have a standard movement through the ball after contact.  In a physical sense, the ball is released from your club I guess it doesn't matter what you do with the club, but as a previous user said your downswing will have a huge effect on how your follow-through is maintained 
 Thank you for posting, this is very helpful.  I personally love his vids, I think he is just a great communicator so therefore his lessons tend to "stick" more.
I went from somewhere in the middle a couple years ago when I played at a school to pretty much a super hacker.  I played at a fairly difficult course (Honeybrook, PA) last Saturday and had a 113 round, with multiple 3/4 putts and slicing drives.  My saving grace is my 9iron, PW, and GW were very accurate with good loft.   I'm hoping to regain my confidence, put in a lot of work on the putting green, and straighten out my drives.  I'm gonna put some focus on my fairway...
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