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Everything you wrote in your original post was a joke, eh? You are a joke. A 90's player offering advice... Do the golfing world a favor... go fetch my ball.
That you're an idiot
""Haha. Now you're just nit picking. You knew what I meant on the putting comment. My ball striking is undoubtably the best part of my game (irons, wedges, hybrids). That stat about 50% of the time hitting the green at 100 yds is BS I don't care what your stats tell me. I hit almost every single green I face 150 and in and I am a mid 90's player. Why? Because I have a poor mental game, and my tee box presence is horrid. I have to take about 8 drops per round right now off...
LOL You're a 12 handicap? And how old? Get serious. 
When I first started playing I shot in the mid to low 80's. So wtf. I have no idea what it's like to shoot 90's golf. I'm serious!   Damn, I can't imagining boogieing that many holes. Whoa, that's 18 or greater over par on a 72 par layout!!! I'm use to thinking birdies. Always thinking birdies. When I get in danger of boogie I get damn damn f'ing pissed off.    Anyway, practice practice practice. Confidence is so damn contagious. When you feel confident that you drive...
It's disgusting that this is brought up at all. It shows just how ignorant american golfers are. There (easily) 3 american golfers that are greater given what they did with their careers.   People are utterly centric in there thinking. They are so desperate to claim the greatest in their life time that some what vote for a Mike Reed! Sorry Mike... you were an excellent player during your time on tour but not the caliber of player of Nicklaus or Woods.       Ben...
nine iron=220 yds   seven iron=280yds   five iron=340yrds   one metal=420yds   I started playing recently so I feel strongly, very strongly that I will improve these shortish distances. I noticed that many of you are a little short. Keep working. Play well.
New Posts  All Forums: