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Is anyone tired of the 2 tier green yet? I swear that has been the most over used feature in golf course architecture in the last 25 years.
I think it is interesting how we all perceive golf courses differently. For me River's Edge was nothing special - in fact I may never play it again. I can't even remember any holes - that is how unmemorable it was for me.   As for Crow Creek, I agree with everything you say. But I will add that I play this course every year when I visit with my group. I call it our "practice round" and always play it first in the week. For the better players it is a chance to go low and...
ProV1 and Srixon Z-star and Tri-Speed Tour.   While I really like the Srixon balls, the ProV1 is still head and shoulders above in regards to spin. I am still constantly surprised by how much spin I can get on a ProV1 with half and three-quarter wedge shots.
First - spend about $100 of that money and get a fitting. Find some place that has a Trackman launch monitor and a grass range to hit from (even if you have to drive 30 miles). Believe me, it will be worth it. It is amazing what that thing can tell you regarding how small changes in the shaft flex, swing weight, lie angle etc... will affect the golf ball. Write down all the specs and then you can go shopping with confidence.
I would like to recommend Bear's Best. It is maybe 20 minutes west of the strip straight down Flamingo Rd. Premium rate is listed as $189 but cheaper rates are available based upon tee time.
I see a lot of questions on golf forums about Tobacco Road and I thought I would finally add my two cents. I have played it maybe six times and every time it gets a little easier and more fun. The first time I played I wanted to pull my hair out... by the end I was mentally exhausted. There are just so many blind shots and visual trickery that it can become frustrating very quickly. But as mentioned, the more you play and learn where to hit the ball, it becomes a lot of...
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