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 I posted on another thread about my test with ProV1 vs C4. You can see from my signature, I made the switch. I would rather buy new balls @ $20/doz, vs $25 for used ProV1s, especially since the MG is at least as good if not better than the ProV.
 I have used this in the summer when my glove is wet. I just squeeze the cloth with my glove, I don't actually apply to the club. It makes a big difference with the grip, very tacky. I still have the one I bought last summer, not as tacky as out out the bag but it would still make a difference. I will buy another one next summer. I probably got 10 rounds out of it so far, didn't use it every time last summer just when it was extremely hot and humid.
I use 4 wraps under a midsize grip, no solvent, air only.
`  There is a nice tool you can buy at Hireko golf to save grips. Works great on every grip I tried it on except the old winn wraps. I just use it to save newly purchased or friends clubs. Mine are on with air so the tool is not required for removal.  http://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-components/clubmaking-tools-supplies/tools-machines/dynacraft-blade-style-grip-remover.html
I don't think you should expect to see immediate improvement in your golf score just because you got new clubs. if anything your may actually score worse, for awhile, as you have already intimated to, until you get used to them.
The really sappy love story aligns with what someone told me, just wasn't sure if it was common knowledge.
Have you ever revealed what the meaning is behind your moniker?
Agree. I track my missed putts over the last ten rounds as hi/low, left/right and long short. I'm looking for 50% hi/low, 50% left/right and greater than 90% long.
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