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I saw her on the playing with the pros, Mo Martin, beat her outright. I didn't think they were supposed to show up the pro.
Then why all the obsession?
Didn't Brodie's "Every Shot Counts" debunk the importance of putts per round or per hole as a useless statistic?
  Really? I didn't know that.
OK, I guess I won't pass the counterfeit club police test.
I read it and reread it, I still don't see the difference. sorry.
Where is the giveaway that they are fake? I just looked at the OP pics and this one, don't see the difference. Can someone point it out?  
  One way to stop sandbagging is to only play gross score events.
I would say so. 
  I once complained that I had no shoes, till I met a man who had no feet.
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