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  You're right, it would actually be 89.6. The GHIN system uses .96 of your average differentials to calculate the index. When I said 89.6 I meant half of the best scores averaged that and the other half were the worst of the last 20, i.e. the scores that comprise the anti handicap index. Not sure the phrase "even remotely correct" would be accurate, as I was remotely correct, just not 100%.
 The letting go, not clinging, who cares attitude is a natural symptom of a lower T. That's why women (low T) presidents are less likely to push the Nuke button than a male president.
If your index is 16.6 you should shoot an 88.6 half the time on a course with a 72 CR and 113 slope.
 Maybe their challenge is to play from the longest tees that they can break 100. As long as their moving along at a normal pace, it shouldn't matter to anyone.  A better golfer might observe that those playing from the "whites" should move up to the forward tees until the can consistently shoot par.
Then go back to your previous spot and take a penalty
One club length will move it from the vertical face
You don't push, you place, if the ball won't stay you place it at the nearest place it will stay.
 Bookies move odds to balance their risk. They make money on the spread not on an actual winner. If a bookie's book is unbalanced they take on the same risk as their customers, that's needing to have a particular team/individual win. If their book is unbalanced they usually make offsetting bets with a larger bookie to return their book to a balanced condition.
 Pretty sure you can place the ball on the spot it hit after 2 rolls. Just can't see how the ball could be in the face of a bunker were option 1 was not available.
Not sure why everyone suggested to not paint. Most/all graphite shafts are fiber blanks with a blah gray color that are painted for the final design.
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