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Not sure why everyone suggested to not paint. Most/all graphite shafts are fiber blanks with a blah gray color that are painted for the final design.
It's easy to remove a grip with air that was put on without using double back sticky tape. I use blue painters tape exclusively. Easy on, easy off. Makes adding/changing counterweights a breeze. Also facilitates easy rotation of the grip to move the thumb wear spots off the thumb.
 what he said
 I love it when those macho types get beat by the less macho yellow/orange/blue or especially pink. Karma at it's finest.
 A month ago I was given access to the ES 14 from a friend and have used it at the range about 7 times over the last month. I find the device easy to use with a smart phone, records all the data. I think the only direct measurement is the ball speed and the club head speed. The spin, launch angle and carry distance and total distance appears to be calculated. Obviously the smash factor is calculated since it is defined as the quotient of the ball speed and the club head...
  Unnecessary info, the Joe (20 HC) wins, hands down.
  I was on the fist page predicting Joe as the winner, assuming the same tees. If you get an extra 400 yards for 9 holes, it's no contest, you will win handily.
You should win. He has to hole both 20 foot putts for the birdie, you have to make only one 10 footer for par. He put a 190 yds approach to the green to within 5 feet but the other one was slightly fat and landed in the bunker. That's the one he'll be playing. You put your approach shot in the middle of the green on a tough, guarded tucked pin. The second shot is a green light to go for the pin, you have nothing to loose. He poounded a 300 drive center cut, the second 320...
Now that it's mentioned, I remember not too long ago hearing about Staci Lewis was in a quandary because her ProV1 2009 was coming off the list and she was scrambling to find a replacement.
Aha, I just looked at the list they show 5 ProV1xs and a ProV1x + So I guess it's got to be the Same model year. The list identifies each one with the specific markings, bars arrows dots etc.
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