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  I'll bite, "hit to right field"?
I did pay attention but I guess I didn't hit the save button and wasted Bubba and Reed on the first two rounds.
Two putted a 100 foot double breaker putt.
Second dumb question. This is the first time I've played a fantasy anything league. I put 8 players in the open spots. Do I have to do anything else or just watch and wait?
 I'm pretty sure the "steeping down" was meant to be "stepping down", and what he meant was that instead of 4 degree gaps he was wondering about 3 degree gaps.  Obviously, 3 degree gaps will shrink the yardage gaps but for what you quoted for yardages, maybe not enough.  I would move the 52 first. 150 yard gap wedge kind of ruins the meaning of "gap". Make it 53 or 53.5.  the SW 56 or 56.5 and 58.5 or 59 for the LW. Give it a try, if it doesn't work easy to bring back to...
Lead Tape, or screw in head weights?
 Not a study but applicable  
 I posted on another thread about my test with ProV1 vs C4. You can see from my signature, I made the switch. I would rather buy new balls @ $20/doz, vs $25 for used ProV1s, especially since the MG is at least as good if not better than the ProV.
New Posts  All Forums: