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 There is no substitute for a laser rangefinder as far as accuracy is concerned. Plus or minus 1 yard. For convenience, not so much, that's where a GPS is better, a talking one even better. The other advantage to a GPS is late in the evening or in the other fairway, over a hill etc. where you can't line of sight the flag. That being said I only use a rangefinder. I have a free GPS app on my phone but never turn it on.
  The only reasonable way to compare shaft flex is to get the frequency of the shaft measured with a frequency counter. Yes there are 50, 60 and 70 gram shafts but you will find the 70 specs out stiffer than the 60 and the 60 stiffer than the 50. The freq of the shaft is the first quantifiable measure of shaft flex. Typically, shaft torque is inversely proportional to frequency. The higher the frequency the lower the torque value. Weight is also inversely proportional to...
 For long distances maybe inaccurate, but many times at the cart while waiting for someone in our group to hit, I pull the rangefinder and shoot the flag then my ball up ahead. Using high powered advanced math I determine the distance my ball is from the flag. Then when I get to my ball I re-shoot the flag and the actual distance is no more than 1 or two yards off. The ground distances I shoot are anywhere from 15-50 yards. Ground sloping away from you makes it harder to...
When you wrap your fingers around the grip they should not dig into your thumb pads nor should here be a big gap between the two.
I'm in the same boat as you, loosing distance over time. I switched to a Ping I25 10.5 degree and it can adjust to 11 degree. What really surprised me was when I stumbled upon a 48 inch shaft for this club and I immediately picked up 15 yards.
No, you did not make that statement, it was someone else, don't remember right now.
  Agreed, I was just trying to quantify the statement I read back further that the line was touted as a more accurate indicator than a lie board or impact tape.
 If you were going to bring the sharpie mark back to 12 o'clock wouldn't you need to adjust the lie of the irons by 30 degrees (the angle between 12 and 1 o'clock)?
 You proved my point. I thought it was 5 degrees, it's 3. I was off by two degrees. Now redraw the picture, reduce that angle by a factor of 3 three, shorten the length of the line by a factor of 5 (the length of the line above /radius of a golf ball) and tell me if you can put the ball perfectly perpendicular to the horizontal ground plane or if maybe it's off by 1 degree or maybe more. Additionally, you have to now resolve the line on the face. Can you tell if the line...
 Is it possible to lay a ball on the turf or even a tee with at least 1 degree of accuracy? I don't think I could even see the difference in 5 degrees. 5 degrees is a little over 1/16 inch rotation on the circumference of the ball, really? So if I can't, how can I say, the irons need to be adjusted 1 degree flat because of the line transferred to the club face? I say if you are not making crooked divots and the ball goes where you aim (most of the time) then the lie...
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