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  Sorry, but for a straight shot a 2 degree deviation at 200 yards is less than 7 yards. If you aim 21 feet from the target you should be ok.
One Aleve or generic substitute taken right before a round kicks in by the middle of the back nine to alleviate the tired achiness I feel which sometimes sabotages my swing.
I love this driver, I have two of them set up identical. I have tried the newer ones and they are no better maybe worse for me, so for less than $100 on ebay for replacements I'll stick with this model for sure.
  I know it's a training aid but one of the marketing claims was that if you swing it right you can hit balls, and it is true. I guess what I'm saying is if I can hit a reasonably good shot (165 yds, good direction) with a shaft with a hinge in it, a $3 shaft maybe would get me to 170-175 yds and a better dispersion, and a $25 shaft would get me? 
Did Kostis just say that if Strikler hits the wrong ball out of a hazard "that's not a problem"? The other announcer immediately talked over him.
16 groups 8 minutes apart
I have hit a ball with a 5 iron Medicus 165 yards with good direction. This is a generic shaft with a hinge in the middle. How can a high priced shaft be that much better than a shaft that literally bends 90 degrees? 
 You rehit from the tee, or drop a ball behind the spot where the ball last crossed the yellow hazard line in line with that spot and the pin both with a stroke penalty or hit the ball as it lies.
 You need to come to Florida. My home course(s) book over 2.3 million tee times a year. I play 3 to 4 times a week. I will admit we have had to wait many times to hit a shot but I've never played a round over 10 minutes past the 4:15 target time, and that's the exception not the rule. The rates are great, weekdays are the same as weekends. I can play 18 in the morning for $26, $18 after 11 am and $6 after 5 pm. Can usually get the full 18 in after 5 if there is no traffic,...
 True, and I don't think he meant to either. The bulk of the teardrop was overlaid on to the hazard analysis map to come up with the highest percentage shot.
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