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 Q.E.D. You have no substantive reason to determine a set of clubs is crap but since you decree it, it is so. Must be nice to be all knowing, but then again you did write a book and you are the king of the site, so I submit to your holiness. Bye.
 My frequency machine was purchased on ebay 5 years ago for $200.  Just because you have never ever seen what I've described doesn't mean it isn't so. You clearly have never been to where I live. There are always 25-50, sometimes more, carts with bags in the parking lot and cart parking area of multiple clubhouse restaurants on a daily basis. So, what is ludicrous, is that you would put yourself out there with your 15 years of golfing experience and make such a ludicrous...
   I built my set for under $200. Grips ($42), heads ($96), and shafts ($30), epoxy, ferrules, shipping, tax, misc. (<$32). I splined/FLOed them myself and trimmed the shafts to make sure the stiffness was +/- 2 cpm. But regardless, say you buy them from the company assembled for $250+. Your implication was/is that if they are not expensive they are crap. So yes, although you espouse the merits of a better swing you are exhibiting the traits of an equipment snob. "Can't be...
 When all the CGs are the same, them CG doesn't matter, just loft.  Not sure why you have to spend > $1000 to get "not crap". You never even saw the quality of the iron heads I put into my set, so not sure how you can be so sure you know what you're talking about. All the iron heads of the big manufacturers are made in China just like mine were. Pinhawk heads are made to exacting specs. I checked every one for loft and lie and total weight against the companies specs and...
 The best things about single length irons: One ball position for all irons, They all weight the same, They are all swing weight matched, they are all MOI matched, They are all frequency matched shafts, They are all FLOed. and you get all this for less than $200 to build a set 4-PW. 
 Not for me, I don't have the one plane swing though. I use my single length irons with a classic two plane setup.
Birdie putt on 17 to go 2 up for the individual NCAA title.
Saw his name mentioned on the 1irongolf.com website, didn't realize he was still in college? His irons are all the same length. I opted to have 5-PW at 37.25 and 52/56/60 at 35.5 inches.
Sometimes there are additional rules that must be followed:  
 I use the MG C4 (20/doz). I think it is better than a Pro V. I still have a few Pro Vs in the bag and will use them randomly but if I have an important hole, or a match is on the line I always search in the pocket for the C4 to tee up. I also tried Wilson duos (yellow), like them but not as much as the C4. I like that I can carry a yellow ball in my pocket for easy provisional identification.
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