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 The poll question mentioned nothing about brandishing. If I played golf with you and you new I had a concealed carry permit, you could assume I had a gun. Would you feel uncomfortable? Brandishing implies a rash, hot head etc. I doubt anyone would feel comfortable in that situation, gun or not.
$250 is my cost for a set of custom built irons. Swingweight +/- 1, frequency matched +/- 3 CPM, FLO shafts and loft/lie adjusted for my WTF length and equal distance gapping with Winn Dri Tac grips. But I build my own clubs.
 I can definitely tell a big difference between the Wilson Duo white vs yellow cover. The white is soft like a pro V1, the yellow is harder.
 When I was in Corolla last year it seemed like the deals were to be had on the moving days for renters, Fri, Sat and Sun. 
  I find him mildly refreshing, saying things that others are not willing to but are surely thinking. He will probably get into trouble one day for that, but I'm not sure he cares enough to turn into just another talking head for the network.
Why not, I thought golf was about shooting scores not pretty swings.
  So what was your score?
  I'm not familiar with those shafts.
 Yes, if I was a better putter I'd be a 5.0 instead of a 9.0. While you guys were psychoanalysing me today I was playing golf. Had 38 putts, not good. 3-3 putts, one 4-putt, 3-1 putts. To be fair, I was trying a new putting technique that I probably should have practiced first. One chip in from the fringe, one sand save from 15 yards. 13.6 differential
 Doesn't matter. I still stand by my preference that I'd rather have a 20 foot bunker shot than a 60 foot putt, period.
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