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I like and use the Ping Tec TiSi fairway woods, (3, 5 and 7). I don't carry the 3 right now, but it's not going anywhere soon as I may be replacing my 4 iron with it. That would leave me a little bit bigger gap between the 7 wood and the 5 iron, but I'm not really consistent with the 4 iron, the 3 wood is great off a tee, sometimes as good as the driver on shorter hole.
  I'm very familiar with the world of statistics and yes, you're right, 54 holes is not a representative sample size but way more representative than "they probably just didn't play as well as Tuesday...and that day they used the titleist proV1" or I like ball x because it feels better. The reason I stopped the test was that I was convinced that for the price diff, the C4 is at least equal in performance to the ProV1 if not better. That was good enough for me.  As for the...
  I played 6, 9 hole rounds over a 10 day period last summer, hitting two different balls off the tee. A ProV1 and an MG-C4. At the end of 54 holes for each ball MG-C4 total score was 18 strokes better than the ProV1. So both balls were played on the same days during the same rounds. The tee shot honors were random with about 50% the C4 went first and 50% the ProV1 went first. Subsequent shots were by which ball was away until both were holed out. As for distance...
 Do you think he's lying or is his testing flawed?
Here is where I saw the info about loft being the prevailing determinant of distance in iron gaps.   David Lake, 1irongolf the FAQ section:     "We are led to believe that longer golf clubs produce greater swing speeds on a linear scale and thus more distance. This is the explanation given for the 1/2 inch increase in club length between the individual irons and woods within a conventional set of golf clubs. In actuality, the only static factor that results in...
  True, but if I were going to go through with this exercise (cutting the shafts down) I would want to add weight (7-10 grams) to the cut irons head to bring the SW back to match to the uncut clubs. Then the loft would be the overwhelming factor for the distance gaps.
WUTiger said, "This means the 4° loft and 1/2" shaft length each account for about 5-6 yards in yardage distance."   Not sure how you came to the conclusion that the loft differential and the length differential contribute equally to the distance differential.   More like loft 98% length 2%. That is assuming the longer length club places the sweet spot on the ball as effectively as the shorter club, which it probably doesn't. 
I would say if you are maintaining the round time posted on the card there should be no issues with your group.   My courses allow 4:15 per round, never had a round that was more than 10 minutes faster or slower than that pace.   The problem with the rule of staying behind the group ahead is if the first group is super fast most won't keep up and then groups are leapfrogging over one another never to catch up but ultimately slowing down each group as they wait for...
When someone is fitted for clubs is the assumption that they hold the club 1/2 inch off the back, 3/4 or 1 inch?
Thanks, I like the video but nothing said about the plus/minus of a choke up over not.
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