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In Long Drive  (ILDC) 144 mph is bloody fast...150 is seldom). typical Tour speed seems to be 113 / 118...Tiger....??? Bubba Is more..and he is 126 mph ss. Smash factor is the speed of the ball coming off the face compared to the Club head speed  (the longer the club....the more head speed) So...100mph swing speed with a 1.50 smash factor results in ball coming off face at 150 mph. (Legal limit...clubs + balls is 1.53 smash factor.)   Bubba...approx. average 126mph...
Hit my brand new LD driver (6 degree, 49.5") straight twice in succession. Went straight to the 19th hole!!!
These were recorded at Golfers world  (indoors) on their swing machines and on the Driving range under the auspices of my coach. I've had to replace my irons and woods as they got damaged..bent at the hozel. I now have his brother's (also a pro..but on the tour) , then sponsored Hogan Apex tour blades with x100 shafts.
It was shot with a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Those who disbelieve..well they have that right..they don't know me, never played with me.
better ..more complete than the cropped one prev. submitted.  
Well..range finder says I am accurate. Those swing machines at GolfersWorld say same. Just posted what is. No more no less.   and 307.8m Is recorded at  Quantum Long Driving. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quantum-Driving/250085767884   the younger guys with LD clubs get a lot more.  Getting mine next wed...should add 33yds flight and 10yds roll. It is fun. and can bring the family..picnic..no walking etc.
    Side note: ..48 yrs old ..235 lbs (105kg) ..30 years in gymns (power more than body building..max bench was 185kg..one rep tho)..though very little in last 7 years. ..20 years martial arts (Taekwondo and kick boxing). ..provincial (State I guess for USA) swimming.   Seems some people are calling me a liar...and that is most def. not the case. not even a single meter of exaggeration.   Agree a bit flippy..arm strength etc..this vid was a month  (Nov 14th...
ok, thx..joining Vimeo now.
Tried / trying to respond to email with vid file.
Can't upload a .wmv or Mp4 video file..???
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