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180yd par three end up in the sand to the left of the green. No problem I tend to be ok out of green side bunkers. This time I for whatever reason pick the ball clean out of the bunker and bounce it off of 2 cars in the parking lot about 75 yards away before it continues to roll down the street and into someone's front yard.
Par 4 or 5 I will 100% play my driver unless there's a hazard where my drives typically land. Hole 1 at home coarse is a 293 par 4 with a bunker in the front and one on each side. I know my driver will go strait about 99% of the time and that my drives are in the 270-280 area usually. I use my driver. I'd rather use a wedge from 25yds then choose between a 7 or 8 at 160
I picked up a set of XV Brand clubs when I got back into golf recently. I also know Orlimar puts out an ok set of beginner clubs for a very fair price. Also if you're looking to pick up a used set of a bigger brand craigslist bookoo and other sites like that are great. Just remember as you develop a better more consistent swing you're going to end up wanting the big name quality clubs. At least thats what happened to me.
Hole 19 seems to be pretty decent. It may or may not have the course you play, but it's worth a look.
I found a set of TM T300 forged irons 3-Pw for $175 in good shape. I know they're older clubs 200-2002 area so I can't find any recent reviews. Has or does anyone use these clubs? All the reviews I have read say they're amazing clubs and decently forgiving for being blade type clubs. I'm hoping to be able to load a picture of them as soon as I get one. Any advice on this possible pick up would be great.
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