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+5 77. 5 lost balls, casual rule drop outs of elephant grass. Got a scramble tomorrow so I was swinging a little harder than normal.
Ground is HARD right now! Anyone noticing above normal distances? I'm seeing about 30+ yards of extra roll.
Every club in my bag, except my driver, is from 2003. I definitely understand your attachment. The longer I keep them the more I understand the phrase "it's the Indian, not the arrow." Goodluck with your new wedge 
4 under 68. 2 eagles, 6 birdies, 2 bogeys and 2 doubles (1 lost tee shot). Played the 4 par 5's 6 under. Great day off the tee and on the greens.
http://www.pga.com/pgachampionship/news/louis-oosthuizen-wins-pga-long-drive-competition-against-rory-mcilroy-field   340 won, Jack still holds the record. I'm trying to find carry/roll stats.
My good drives with my 913D3 aren't noticeably longer or better then my good drives were with my 983E that I played for 10 years before. Overall I am more consistent with the 913 because the shaft fits me better and the 913 is more forgiving than the 983.
If I ever switch to a swivel grip I'll have to check this putter out.
Beautiful clubs. Anxious for a thorough review.
I don't know the distances as they didn't consistently announce them. The format was 3 guys hit at a time, longest guy moves on and the two losers went to loser bracket or home. I won my first rd but they didn't say my distance, just that I was moving on to winner's bracket. Conditions were terrible for this time of year. Mid 60's, sloppy wet and raining, and a 25-30mph sustained head wind. A guy that qualified at a local with a 381 hit one 297 that day and it was smoked....
Apples to oranges comparisons. A pro's game is centered around accuracy, LDA is all about distance. Why would any LDA guys care how many fairways they would hit? I guess if they wanted they could just hit a 250yd 5iron down the middle.. I got knocked out in rd 4 of my regional qualifier this past weekend. I think I hit the grid 4/6 balls in my last set, but none of them were as long as the the one straight one the guy who advanced hit. Should I feel good that I hit the...
New Posts  All Forums: