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Just wanted to stop back and say I've been working on a steadier head and rotating my shoulders properly like this video goes over and I've combined those two swing thoughts with getting good hip movement (I try to feel as if my hips are moving towards the target before I complete my backswing). It has taken nearly two months but my ball striking has never been as consistent as it is right now. I've played golf for going on 24 years and have never shot under par for 18...
+5 77. 5 lost balls, casual rule drop outs of elephant grass. Got a scramble tomorrow so I was swinging a little harder than normal.
Ground is HARD right now! Anyone noticing above normal distances? I'm seeing about 30+ yards of extra roll.
Every club in my bag, except my driver, is from 2003. I definitely understand your attachment. The longer I keep them the more I understand the phrase "it's the Indian, not the arrow." Goodluck with your new wedge 
4 under 68. 2 eagles, 6 birdies, 2 bogeys and 2 doubles (1 lost tee shot). Played the 4 par 5's 6 under. Great day off the tee and on the greens.
http://www.pga.com/pgachampionship/news/louis-oosthuizen-wins-pga-long-drive-competition-against-rory-mcilroy-field   340 won, Jack still holds the record. I'm trying to find carry/roll stats.
My good drives with my 913D3 aren't noticeably longer or better then my good drives were with my 983E that I played for 10 years before. Overall I am more consistent with the 913 because the shaft fits me better and the 913 is more forgiving than the 983.
If I ever switch to a swivel grip I'll have to check this putter out.
Beautiful clubs. Anxious for a thorough review.
I don't know the distances as they didn't consistently announce them. The format was 3 guys hit at a time, longest guy moves on and the two losers went to loser bracket or home. I won my first rd but they didn't say my distance, just that I was moving on to winner's bracket. Conditions were terrible for this time of year. Mid 60's, sloppy wet and raining, and a 25-30mph sustained head wind. A guy that qualified at a local with a 381 hit one 297 that day and it was smoked....
New Posts  All Forums: