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Beautiful clubs. Anxious for a thorough review.
I don't know the distances as they didn't consistently announce them. The format was 3 guys hit at a time, longest guy moves on and the two losers went to loser bracket or home. I won my first rd but they didn't say my distance, just that I was moving on to winner's bracket. Conditions were terrible for this time of year. Mid 60's, sloppy wet and raining, and a 25-30mph sustained head wind. A guy that qualified at a local with a 381 hit one 297 that day and it was smoked....
Apples to oranges comparisons. A pro's game is centered around accuracy, LDA is all about distance. Why would any LDA guys care how many fairways they would hit? I guess if they wanted they could just hit a 250yd 5iron down the middle.. I got knocked out in rd 4 of my regional qualifier this past weekend. I think I hit the grid 4/6 balls in my last set, but none of them were as long as the the one straight one the guy who advanced hit. Should I feel good that I hit the...
I see some confusion with club length and what is and is not legal. USGA measures club length when the club is at address, roughly a 60* angle. USGA max length at this lie is 48". LDA measures club length with the shaft vertical, i.e. the head on the ground and the shaft straight up. Using this method the LDA max club length is 50". I'm pretty sure a 50" LDA driver would be equal to a 48.5" USGA measured driver. When I had my long drive clubs put together I had them cut...
There really isn't much in common between long drive and real golf other than a ball and a club. I bet the longest driver on tour wouldn't finish inside the top 10 in the Remax World finals. Also, have you guys noticed how much roll the pro's have been getting? That bomb Rory hit the other week appeared to be downhill, downwind, and rolled 100yds. Give a pro a 5* driver and tell him to swing out of his shoes and I bet he has trouble hitting the grid. Pro long drive guys...
Looks like a bottle opener.
Edel seems to have quite the following around here. I have never heard of them until joining here a few months back. I've checked out there website and it looks like they build some finely tuned clubs. I wish they had a fitting center closer to me.
The only club in my bag that I am not wanting to try something new is my Scotty. I've been playing it for 11 years and still seem to fall in love with it every round.
Adapter is just the term used for the adjustable hosel that comes on almost all the drivers now. My shaft is turning inside of that ^^^
As far as I have found on the net it is a straight .335 and yes, I would put my swing speed in the 130's, which we know is on the slow side for the long drive sport.  I'm not sure about the size of other long drive drivers as this is the first one I've ever owned. I think Joe Miller and Jamie Sadlowski use this X2 Hot long drive version so they must be getting something done right.
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