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Well, after doing some looking I've ordered the following.   12 more pearl grade Pro V1's 3 new NXT Tour S 25 pearl grade B330   Will get them delivered soon so will be able to give you guys my opinion on them all!
 Ah thats good, well then I will make sure to check the NXT Tour S out as part of my list :)  Ah okay, so you would be a ProV1 man then?
Why not get involved! Not so much starting from scratch but working on two people. The first is one of our friends who goes away each year with us on our golf holiday. Each year he says after he will play more, each year he does not play till next year. It is my mission to get him to come out with me and the other players and start to get him playing more! Secondly, one of my karate instructors he keeps saying he liked to hit the ball years ago so I'm trying to get him to...
 Nothing major, just I've found they wear very quick and I'm not quite getting the contact and performance I would like. For example I've used a Srixon Soft Feel and they feel great and I like how I can control them. They are just not as good overall for me. So thus why I'm wondering if there is a ball that would be better for me over all :) I've been hearing good things about the B330. As I said I have had nothing bad with Srixon so will be sure to look at the Z-Stars for...
 Thanks for the reply and welcome! I used the old NXT and that felt like hitting a stone! Tried one or two NXT Tours and they felt a little better nothing amazing in my view, might see if I can take a look at some of the NXT Tours S if my club has them. Worth a try eh! Thanks again
Hi there,   I currently use titleist pro v1x or titleist pro v1, currently pro v1x. I'm interested in looking at what balls you guys use and what you recommend and what I should try.   I play off of 11 and prefer a softer ball that I can control well. Distance is not an issue I'm not worried about it as I can find it easily but being able to control around the green is what I want.   I currently get these...
New Posts  All Forums: