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you're right that the body no longer forces your hands to turn over, but the body also does not dictate what your hands do unless you've got hands coming out of your man boobs.
I would try to learn on an iron (say 5 iron) rather than a driver, since you have to learn to "hit down" on the ball and "pinch" it. It'd be much easier to learn on an iron and translate the swing to hit a driver than vice versa since you hit slighty on the upswing for a driver. If you learn to swing with a driver, you will most likey also try to hit your irons on the upswing and you'll be a big mess. You will also hit many more iron shots on the course than a driver....
The idea is to feel the sensation of your right hand turning over left hand. Don't knock it until you've tried it 4sshat.
Take regular stance, then rotate your body clockwise (if RH) so your feet are now perpendicular to your target line so your back is facing your target. Then make practice swings down that original line along the left side of your body. It'll force you to turn your right hand over through the impact zone. Make practice swings like this, then take your regular stance parallel to the target line and hit the ball.
Nope ball doesn't matter as a beginner, what does matter is the number of balls you will lose. Perhaps a yellow or pink ball is the way to go.
My biggest problem with long irons is that I stand too far away from the ball. Try standing in closer to it at address and see what happens.
Those kids are only 15 years old, when I was 15 i didn't care about any of that crap, all I cared about were cars and girls. (and yes, I played golf at 15) I didn't care to learn swing technicalities until well after college. Anyways, to answer your question, I put myself at a 6 on your scale.
Titleist FTW!!!
I see it as physics, and understanding how to consistently deliver the clubhead to the ball through the use of simple motions. Not many people understand what's going on in the swing to know what they're doing wrong... But to answer your question, I think to: 1. develop a repeatable swing is more hand-eye coordination and understanding the swing. 2. score well (HC < 6) you need practice your butt off.
I play SC detour 34". Pro's: it's secksie. Cons: can't actually mash potatoes with it.
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