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85 on Sunday at a beautiful course I had never played before!   86 on Monday at a beautiful course I had played many times before   both days it was a tale of 2 nines.   Sunday was 40 front 45 back, monday was 46 front 40 back.   Im happy with both days.  I had many birdie chances just could nail the putts.  Parred many and gave many back with a couple blow up holes.  But for my level of play... that's ok. lol  
aw man I know the feeling..  having a back injury on top of it is so frustrating!  last week I had to force myself to stay away from golf.  Kinda reset my brain and I went back and was playing well again.   I also looked at why I was miss hitting so many shots.  and came to discover my grip was way to strong.  adjusted it and now I'm on the up tic again.   golf is a fickle bitch!
I feel your pain about the snaphooked drive.   I have the same problem but its also getting better.  I feel like if I work on a flat left wrist at the top and try to not use my arms to start down from the top...i get a straight drive..  If I even curl my hands a little at the top im going left.   I believe ben hogan had the same problem and fixed it with the flattening of the left wrist at the top.    
41 today on a par 34.   very ugly par on 1!  Im talking...snap hook into the left woods that popped out onto the fairway...then a skulled 8 iron that runs up to the green!!  then 2 putt for par. lol   Ugliest par in the history!     the rest of the day was bogeys with pars sprinkled in.  a couple of poor chips and 2 very bad long putts were my downfall today. My driver is longer than ever and straighter.  And hybrid work is good...  right now the only thing that is...
haha!     I may as well play lefty crosshanded
so guys....  Last year I scored a set 5 - pw of Used Mizuno MP-32 irons really cheap (80usd).   I went to the range.. I was super impressed with the feel of them and the ball flight...  however I did notice that I lost quite a bit of distance.. that is to say.. for example.. my 9 iron from my previous set... taylormade burner 2.0 I could hit around 140.  the mp32 9 iron would only be good for about 130.  so about 10 yards.  and on an "off hit"  even less due to the...
haha!  I saw that and I jumped out of my chair... pointing!  "Honey!!!  Look!  Steal your face shirt on his Caddy!"   She looked up from her ipad... with a sarcastic.... "greaaaat"   lol   
my handicap would be better if I didn't smoke while I play...  but that's something I can accept! lol
Im pretty streaky too..  The other day I couldn't hit a solid shot in 9 holes and didn't card a very good score.   I went back out today and played 9 and even though I scored better than the other day... I still feel like my game is off.  I feel like im playing like I was last year and I worked so hard over the winter adjusting my grip and studying swings and going to the range.  I started the spring hitting the ball great.  No more over drawing (Hooking) the ball.  I even...
I know this is an old thread... but I've been having this dilemma also.   I went to the range yesterday to work out some kinks in my fairway wood striking... I couldn't hit my hybrids straight at all. I was hooking and slicing them and my 3 wood all over the place.. I may as well have taken them out of my bag during my last round.   So I started to mess with my wrist position at the top..  I was under the impression that I had to have a flat wrist at the top... however.. I...
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