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What about your left wrist? When I'm not focused on keeping my hands forward, I tend to break my left wrist and get the club head in front of my hands at impact. Maybe you are doing this as well as not moving your weight forward during the swing is causing you to skull the ball.
I am currently working on keeping my left wrist flat, maintaining a higher / constant angle of attack and preventing myself from flipping the ball.
bump   this is a good thread; I had a question about placement for my right thumb and this thread answered it.
I seriously cannot hit my driver to save my life. I'm usually hitting a pull hook or a mean hook however I can hit my 3W like a champ. I think my main problem is that I place the ball aligned with my left heel on drive swings and place the ball closer to center stance for my 3W.   Does anybody have the same issue?
It's really interesting watching myself swing a golf club on a video because I'm noticing a few things that appear odd. I took snapshots of each part of my swing and it looks like I am letting my hands fall back behind the club head at impact. I have always wondered why I don't get very good distance with my shots compared to my buddies, but maybe I'm flopping it.   My usual yardage is AW-80yds, PW-100yds, 9i-120yds, 8i-135yds, 7i-150yds, 6i-160yds, 5i-170yds,...
Thanks Mike!   I went back to the range this morning and worked on opening my toes as well as dropping the shaft further into my left hand. I've read about gripping the club with your fingers and not your palms, but I'm usually only focusing on my right hand.   Overall, I feel more comfortable in my stance when I open my feet at address so I will continue to make that part of my routine. I was hoping that by opening my stance, I would stop picking up my left heal...
Hello,   I am a drilling engineer working for a multinational energy company. Currently working in the field on drilling rigs, I am enjoying my rotational schedule which allows me to play golf almost everyday when I'm not working.   thanks
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 15 years total My current handicap index or average score is: 20 My typical ball flight is: straight / slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting a flat shot w/ my iron's & pull / pull-hook w/ driver     Hey Guys, the sand trap is an awesome forum and I'm pretty much browsing the topics everyday. I have been playing golf off / on since I was a kid, but I am starting to dedicate a lot of time to...
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