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Norman muttered. Hard to follow. Buck wasn't bad. Will be hard to get better if they aren't going to do multiple tournaments.
"Would you play with a golfer who had a gun?" seems like a pretty silly question to me. How would you know? Well maybe the Kahr or Glock cap instead of Callaway or Titleist might be a clue.
In 30 minutes the only golf they have shown is 2 T shots
I will keep it short and sweet. This coverage sucks and the anchor desk guys guys look like a 5 year old picked their shirts and ties.
You assume there is a starter. The two municipal courses that I have played don't have starters. You just line up and play. To be honest, it usually goes pretty smooth.
Oxmoor valley is close to me. 2 18 hole courses and a par 3. I played one of the full courses last fall. Very nice. Havent been back b/c I play with my teenage son. Two expensive for me having to pay for two. Maybe for a birthday etc. Oak Mt. Is the only State Park I have played. Is Gunntersville worth the two hour+ drive? I have been toldmthe other park courses arent in that good of a shape.
I live in the suburbs outside B'ham, AL. Counting public and private, there are over 25 courses withing a 30 minute drive of my house. I just spent a few minutes counting on my fingers to say that. You can't drive down the road around here and spit out the window without hitting a golf course. 25 is a conservative/quick count. Sure it is well over 30 if I took the time to write 'em down. Half of these are country clubs where I doubt I will ever have a chance to play. I...
Wow!?!? I think I woke this thread up after almost a year b/c of a couple of confrontations I had over a six month period at the local municipal where you have no choice businessman to Leavenworth encourage to go to the bathroom and grab a beer (the beer getting takes less of Han a minute so doesnt change anything.) I was trying to figure out etiquette and have come to the conclusion that it will just work itself out at this course. I will be polite and just work it out...
It has been 36 years. By far the longest stretch without a TC winner. They seem to come in spurts.   It would be good for the sport. Most people could care less about horse racing in general, but they get exited about these three races. Winning any one of them is a big achievement.   I think it is not a matter of easier, rather slightly more possible.
The triple crown has always been a very difficult accomplishment. It has never been easy. It takes a one in a billion horse. Physically and heart wise.   There is no way to know if the win was b/c of a different track length, conditions, etc. etc. What is known is that the time between the races is a negative for those horses running in all three. It just isn't enough time for them to fully recover to top form.   That is what I would like to know. Which is the best...
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