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My first eagle was at Winding Creek Golf Course on the gold nine. #5 to be exact. It was a 350 yard par 4 and I hit a good drive so I was 80 out. Took my 56˚ and hit it to the front of the green. It took a few bounces and rolled right in. It was a great moment. I think I was 17 when this happened and was playing with my HS team.
Last three rounds this past week: 44(+8) 39(+3) and 35(+1) all on different nines. Putting has been hot except for on that 44. Really impressed with those second two nines and hope to continue my 30's streak.
Shot a 40(+4) at my home course today. 1 double, 4 bogeys, 2 pars, and 2 birdies (one was a chip-in!). The double was on a easy par 5 that I just hit bad shot after bad shot. Started the round bogey,bogey,double bogey so I was pleased with my finish. Putting was a roller coaster. 2 three-putts, 3 two-putts, 3 one-putts, and a chip-in for a total of 15 putts. New to eliminate unnecessary three putts and poor driving (1/7 FWH) going forward. Hit 4/9 GIR so that was good though.
44. It was bad. 0/6 fairways 3/9 greens. 2 three-putts, terrible chipping, bad distance control. Wasn't in a great state of mind so I am thinking I will be okay tomorrow when I play 18.
Ahh I see. That makes sense except I have no problem with power. It may explain why my arms always seem to swing so freely and cause the ball to go way left. I will work on turning my upper body and torso more. Thanks a bunch!
Been getting used to my new irons so here is my revised yardages: Driver: 280-300 5-wood: 240-250 3-iron: 230-240 4-iron: 220-230 5-iron: 210-220 6-iron: 190-210 7-iron: 170-180 8-iron: 160-170 9-iron: 150-160 PW: 135-150 52°: 120-135 56°: 110-120 Putter: 5 feet because that is how close I am to the pin every time  
Shot another 40(+4) at winding creek (0/7 fairways 5/9 GIR). 3-jacked a 15 footer and chunked a chip. Lipped out on 3 putts as well. If I played my game, coulda had at least a 37. Shoot. On the plus side, I AVERAGED 300 yards off the tee. Felt amazing.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 9 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 8.8 My typical ball flight is: high to mid trajectory The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Big Draw (15-30 yards depending on club)     Videos: Here is my swing in slow motion. It starts with the normal side view, switches to front on, then finally shows my back.   I have been hitting about 40% of my shots too far to the left (big draw) and I can't...
Went to my home course (Winding Creek Golf Course) and played the back 9. Shot a 41 (+5) with 3 GIR and 0 fairways hit. Started off with four bogeys so I had a good finish at least. Driver only costed me maybe one stroke so that wasn't a big deal but I decelerated on two chips that left me short of the green that definitely cost me some strokes. Gotta work on that.
Any hiphopheads in this forum? I've been listening to Hell Hath No Fury (Clipse), Yeezus (Kanye), and ATLiens (OutKast).   Also a little bit of Frank Ocean and Country music since Summer is knocking at the door.
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