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Lets go Rickie!!
I've been super broke lately gearing up for the wedding, so getting to the range has been a no go. I've been working on pitching and chipping a lot lately, anywhere from 50 yards and in. I'm starting to get a bit more confident using the pitching technique around the greens. 
I've never owned "The Original" like the one posted above, but the old pro I used to work with had one that looked about 100 years old that he let me use all the time. As dmnoland said, they are rock solid. 
That just looks SO painful. I can't imagine how that works for her.
I've seen it said here many times that high-bounce wedges can be used in tight lie situations, but the areas around the greens at #2 are SO tight! Assuming that her wedges are higher bounce, would this be detrimental for her around the greens? 
Where are y'all watching this? 
Nice hole out on 5!
Though this is probably true, with players irons, you will see a significant loss of distance control on off center hits. On the other hand, game improvement irons will give you more consistency on off center hits. It is certainly a give and take, and OP ought to swing whatever gives him the best results. I say ditch what you've got and try out something with a thicker sole. Ping I25, Titleist AP1/2 etc. 
I think taking a couple of weeks off when frustrations reach a climax is probably normal and good for our sanity. And, as you said, it can often be good for your game.
He has a pretty athletic swing! 
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