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I noticed this too!
So here I want to be feeling that may hands stay much closer to my legs and more pressure in my armpits getting to A2. It doesn't seem like I have a strong tendency to roll the club open and under the plane line, so if I can maintain that and keep my hands closer to my body, I can achieve a deeper and on plane backswing.
So a deeper backswing, one where may hands travel a bit more to the inside, would allow for more body pivot left, as the club is already on a more inside/out plane if I achieve a deeper backswing. Am I understanding that correctly? Approximate handicap is 18-20 I will add it above.
I vote for "Meh." I enjoy seeing the swings slowed down, but don't put much weight on what the announcers are saying.
Just saw @saevel25 referring to this 5 keys video and thought I'd have a look at impact for myself. I have a lot of flip past impact, and thought this could be a result of not turning through impact enough. At impact it look like my hips have cleared some, but my shoulders are still quite square (maybe even closed) to the target. This could be a good drill for me.
Thanks man. So far I've been playing pretty well, and missing shots doesn't fluster me like it did when I was playing competitively. If I could get off the tee with more accuracy, I really think I could post some decent scores.
Got a new iPhone and a gorilla pod, so I'm able to video at my convenience now. I am just now getting back into the swing of it this season, didn't play any throughout the winter. I've probably played 36 holes over the last month or so, with just a few practice sessions.    Still showing some contact issues. Ball flight is a draw. My misses with my irons are thin or off the toe (short). My driver is giving my the most difficulty, with my miss being a big push/fade....
I think my favorite thing from today was Rickie's 17th in regulation. You could hear the conversation between him and his caddie, and he executed exactly what they were talking about. It's crazy how precise they can be in both their preparation for a shot and in actually executing a swing.
Couldn't have asked for a better finish. Rickie really impressed me last year at the majors, and I've been a big fan since. So stoked to see someone with some flair and personality win this event in particular.
Lets go Rickie!!
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