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Oh... Just saw your website page. The Switch Code offer is cheaper than PGA disc. Oh ok... I'll consider since i've been using Ubersense on my Ipad (mainly) and iphone i felt that that's the best so far. Do you plan to roll out any Analyzr model for iPad that's as intuitive and easy to use? Let me try it out and see 1st. Pricing wise... Ubersense is free on my iPad ... Hmmm. Let's see how. Cheers and thanks again. 
Ok Thanks Erik. I may just give it a go. That's a coupon code for a $100 off from your retail price, correct?   Do you give out a special pricing for registered PGA Pros? Just wondering.... Thanks again   GL
Oh Shucks.... I just missed out on the boat :( I would very much loved to trial test your Analyzr Pro app. As i am full-time teaching daily with 150-180hrs monthly i currently resort to V1 on my desktop PC and Ubersense (which i prefer more than V1) on my iPad as that's the only stable ones for both my gadgets.    I haven't come across a Mac based one til i bumped into this forum. I would love to give it a try whole heartedly for my Macbook Pro as i teach extensively and...
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