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That is a bit of an issue with the Belgian team. They do lack the depth as other nations. But there bench can do a job. I am really hoping that they will do well this year. Love seeing a young team doing well.
I agree with you, the five players was a bad example but I do see a regular 5 ball being played at my club.  Theres many different ways of doing the sponsored golf. I was just indicating a possible problem with the players spending money for each "par/bogey/birdie". If green fees are not waived it could be an expensive day for them. I was suggesting the idea of being sponsored per hole as, in my opinion, it looks like the best way to raise money. (Dependant on fitness...
Aww. I really hope I don't agree with you guys.
Im working my way through season 5 atm. Seen seasons 1-4 years ago and just started watching it again. Can't believe I have waited so long to watch the rest of it.
I cant get enough of House atm. Such a good TV show and Greg House character is fantastic. Old and Gold. :)
The first time I ever played a 18hole course I almost made a hole in one. Was a cheeky little 125 yard par 3 downhill. Hit a lucky PW and it just went straight for the pin and lipped out and landed a few inches away. I was gutted but couldnt believe I hit a straight shot.   One day I may get that elusive hole in one. :)
I think that would be far too expensive. Imagine you get 5 players doing that. If everyone  shoots par on every hole at 1$ that would be each player spending 4 x 18$ each. its going to be an expensive day.   I genuinely think you should get a sponsor form and get people to sponsor you per hole. Even if it was just a few cents or a dollar. You would not need many people to sponsor you before you make a substantial sum... If you could get ten people to take part and each...
1. Obtain an official handicap. 2. Learn to hit a driver straight off the tee 3. Manage to use fairway woods consistently. Long Term goal by the end of the year 4. Drop my handicap from 28 to 18
Its a nightmare. Can't complain to much. Was only the second time I played the course and the wind was terrible. Thoroughly enjoying being back in the game. :)
I am no longer able to play football(soccer) but I will watch every game I can. I guess I would be the same with golf. Albeit I would watch alot less golf thatn I do football..
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